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I’ve Got Poppy’s Chair

I’ve Got Poppy’s Chair! As my Husband, Steve and I are sitting in our den relaxing after a long day’s work, I see that Steve has been writing as hard as he can.  I also noticed the same thing last night, but I just thought he had brought work home, which isn’t unusual.  But when I asked, he said he had just finished writing a poem about a little game he and our grandson, Lucas play everytime Lucas visits with his Mom, Dad, and baby sister, Ava.

You see, Steve is a phenominal writer, everyone wants a poem for their birthday, special occasion, or just no occasion as all.  But he is really good.  It would be nice if he could retire from his Engineering job, and delve into this as a second career – I think that would be so exciting for him.

Reading this poem brought tears to my eyes, and my hubby’s also.  I just though you might like to hear it.


The door barely opens and he’s in on the run,

Before the first greetings have even begun.

He’s wearing a big grin as he quickly zips by,

Barely slowing, he turns to catch his Poppy’s eye.

The game is on and they both are aware

That for the next few moments, the prize is…a chair.

Not just any chair, mind you, it has to be Poppy’s

Later he’ll be intrigued with sports and jalopies.

But today, at this time, make no mistake,

Lucas is competing, my seat to take.

He races to gain the first advantage

With another chair, Poppy will have to manage.

For a few moments, these two simply have no cares,

As the game evolves into musical chairs.

Lucas scores first, diving into my recliner,

Now it’s time to switch places…to swap our behinders.

Laughing, giggling, all the while through

(that’s me – but I see he’s enjoying this, too!)

Perhaps he’ll eventually wind up in my lap

Where not too long ago, I held his pap.

But today, it’s just us two running around.

Him taking what’s mine; me, pretending to frown.

One day this game will give way to other pursuits

Like bicycles, skateboards or books by Dr. Seuss.

But the “Poppy’s Chair” game will always remain,

Indelibly, lovingly, imprinted on my brain.

Played often, it’s fun and quite a cardio workout.

It pays “divi-grins” and helps keep me stout.

It strengthens the bond of grandfather-grandson

To see that boy smile has become my “job one”.

When “I’ve got Poppy’s chair!” resounds in my ear,

It means something much more than a game around here.

Lucas may never know that from the very start,

He could have had my chair…’cause he already had my heart.

Steve “Poppy” Alexander (Copywright, 2008)

October 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I Have the Christmas Spirit

Oh yes, I certainly do know what you’re thinking….Seems a little crazy to me also.  But to retailers – Christmas is upon us.  I have ordered and received all of my Christmas supplies.  My shop is filled to overflowing.  And…. my husband’s garage, which he lost to me a long time ago, is stacked to the rafters.  We have arms attached to every wall sticking way out into the middle of the garage, and they are filled with our wild birch wreath forms and birch baskets.

Tables run right down the center with open boxes of Christmas supplies stacked upon each other.  Every one is open with little twigs of reds, greens, glittered treasures, and ornaments.  Santa and Snowman heads, yes, and bodies are hanging out of one box, while garlands are hanging out of another.  The shelves around the walls are full.  It’s like walking into a very cold (no heat) winter wonderland. 

It is so much fun now that we are designing our Christmas creations!  We have about 6 new wreaths made and ready to list.  That is, as soon as my computer expert, John, comes over this morning and gets the virus off my computer which I somehow managed, last night, to entice to join me!  I am usually very careful, and never take a chance, but there was a free program that I wanted so very  badly, that my greed took the place of my common sense, and yes, I got in trouble!  A quick call to John at 8:30, and I was hearing a message saying…..flip the switch…..turn the whole system off, and don’t touch it until I can get there in the morning.

Boy, what a downer.  I had a teacher coming over to give me my weekly class on Photo Shop, and after that I was all ready, with pictures already loaded to list all of my newly made wreaths.  Shirley made these for me yesterday while I was typing away and working on my website, and eBay.

But, I am all ready to go this morning.  It is 8 am, and Shirley is in the shop working away, I am working on my husband’s computer gettings shipping labels printed and orders answered while awaiting the computer expert’s arrival.  I WANT and NEED my own computer back – I am totally lost without it!

OK, I know that is enought ranting and raving for this morning!  Tee Hee Hee!!! 

Oh, I almost forgot, “THE CONTEST” you have exactly 26 days left to sign up for newsletter contest.  The response has been phenonemal – over 100 new members in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  By joining my newsletter list, you have a chance to win  any of over $1,000.00 worth of prizes!  The drawing will be November 15th at noon eastern time.  Make sure you enter, and get your name added to my free newsletter.  By reading in the posting below, you can find out exactly what each prize is – and I mean, they are really GREAT prizes.

In the upcoming months, we have so many articles about Christmas and home decorating, tips on wreath and floral design, and more contests as well as give-aways on the horizon.  So, join now, and don’t miss any of these very special treats we have in store for you!  Oh, also, and now is the time to purchase your Instructional Floral Design Videos!  You have time to get them in, view them, go shoping for all your supplies, and then begin making all of your Christmas presents for this year.  Your friends and family will be so very impressed!!!!

Have a very special day filled with blooms and blossoms!  Smiles…. Nancy

Dare I, Should I, Well I Did..

Dare I, Should I?   Well… Yes, I Did..

I suppose by now that everyone who reads my blog, and shops on my website has seen all of the new videos which we’ve produced in the last year.  Well, it’s a lot…. ten in all…. I really cannot believe we have ten very good videos on floral design.  There are multiple ones on wreath making of all types, and styles, and experience levels, and two are on Centerpieces, oh and one on a table Christmas tree… and I musn’t forget Ribbons & Bows!

 These are really selling.  I’m having a hard time keeping some of all of them in stock!  The feedback I am receiving from loyal customers has been astounding.  I have ladies making wreaths and arrangements who have never attempted any florals in their lives.  And some who are selling their wreaths – yes…. that’s what I said, they are really selling their wreaths!  I am SO VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! 

If anyone reading this wants to learn this wonderful, fun-filled, and rewarding hobby, all you have to do is purchase your first video, just take the step, and get started.  They are not expensive, and I promise you, they are not hard at all!  Actually they’re very easy with the way we describe each step with detailed text and close-up shots.  I haven’t met anyone yet that I couldn’t teach to design a floral piece, so I certainly don’t want you to be the first.  I have a money back guarantee on these…. so what do you have to loose?  You can click here to read about each one that is available for sale !

What does “Dare I, Should I, Well I Did…” mean?  Well, I am going to tell you this just because I need your prayers, your encouragement and good thoughts.  I have had several people urge me, and downright push me into applying to retail stores to sell my videos.  Well, after all these urgings by a lot of friends, realatives, and customers, I got up the nerve and did it – YES, I REALLY DID IT!   I sent off five (5) proposals last Friday to different retailers – with a copy of my newest video “Merry Christmas” in each and every one.  They should be arriving today or tomorrow.  I ask that you say a little prayer for me.  But truly, I know that if this is God’s will, it will happen.  I just pray that each one who receives my proposals takes the time to at least read each and listen to my video I made to introduce myself.  You can CLICK HERE  for a copy of my introduction video if you would like to see it – it’s about 4 minutes long.

I just felt like I needed to share that with you today.  I have come to really VALUE my new internet friends.  I have special friendships with many of you, and have received SO MUCH encouragement about my business.  I thank you so much….. and well, I guess we’ll just see what happens!

Have a wonderful week, with this hint of fall in the air!  I Just Love Fall!!! 

Smiles & Blossoms…. Nancy


LadybugWreaths Holiday Wreath Contest


Good Morning!  I just wanted to tell everyone who reads my blog about the very special Contest that is having….

It’s FANTASTIC, it’s MARVELOUS, it’s UNBELIEVEABLE!!  Ok, I know, I know…. that’s really playing it up a little much, right?  Well, when I tell you about it, I think you’ll actually agree with me.

Here is a copy of my newsletter which just went out this morning:

You Don’t Want to Miss This VERY SPECIAL Newsletter!!
These are hard economic times right now.  People are worried, business owners are worried.  I have decided to face this challenge with something unprecdented – at least in my business.
I trust that things are going to work out, I trust that the economy is going to turn around.  I’ve got the Christmas holiday spirit early this year, and I’m feeling very generous as I count my many, many blessings in 2008.
I’m excited, to announce the first ever LadybugWreaths Holiday Wreath Contest where 16 lucky winners will win really wonderful prizes. 
This contest is open to all subscribers of my LadybugWreaths Newsletter.  Its my way of saying ‘thank you’ and also a way to start the holiday season off in high spirits!  The Wreath pictured above is “Merry Christmas”, the subject of my last video.  It just recently sold for $330.00 on eBay.  By signing up for my newsletter you have a chance of winning “The Grand Prize” which is a wreath EXACTLY like this one!

Also, in this picture, you’ll see the ten Instructional How-to Videos on different types of floral design which have been filmed in the last year.  The first prize winner will receive all ten of these videos – a $320.00 value.  So make sure you click on the link below to learn more about this wonderful give-away.  As if this wasn’t already enough, there are more prizes that you’ll definitely want to learn about!

Please pass this message along to friends and family who would be interested in learning more about wreath design, or reading articles on interior decorating, gardening, and even selling on eBay.  Maybe they might be in the market for a beautiful custom wreath of their own.  They can subscribe to my newsletter and
immediately become entered in the contest also. 
As a current subscriber, you are automatically entered into the contest without doing anything at all. 
I’ll be sure to keep you posted as to how the contest is going.  And in the meantime, I wish each and every one of you the BEST of Luck! 


Smiles… Nancy

Family Pictures

Hectic & Wonderful Sunday Afternoon!

My daughter-in-law, Sara, has a college friend who is a wonderful photographer.  She has taken some of the greatest black and white photos of Ava and Lucas which I’ll post some of later…

Anyway, she came to my house on Sunday afternoon to take pictures of the whole family out in our garden and the pergola.  She did such a wonderful job, that I want to post some here for you to see.  It’s hard picking out which ones to show you, because we have over 600! 

My sweet Hubby, Steve has the magic touch.  Lucas loves his Poppy so much and plays with him continuously. 

Even little Ava at only 2 months old follows every move he makes with her deep beautiful eyes.  In this picture, you’ll see that no one can calm a tired little girl like her “Poppy”!

The Handsome Men in My Life!!  These four “guys” are the best.  Steve is a wonderful husband and father.  And our sons, Matt and Andy are the most loving, caring, Christian men.  It just takes my breath away sometimes to know how very blessed I am to have such  a wonderful family.

This one was hard to take because Sebastian, my King Charles Cavalier just loves to give kisses, so Lucas and I are holding down his head so we don’t get licked to death!

And little Ava Grace is so tired, she is just starting to drift off!

Steve truly is the Love of my Life!  I knew it from the first moment I met him 38 years ago!  We’ve been through many ups and downs with my fibromyalgia.  He is my constant, my peace, and my joy!  Thank you God!

We am so very blessed that our sons have chosen wonderful, Christian women to share their lives, hopes and dreams with!


Smiles…. Nancy


 Have a wonderful day filled with many “blossoms!”