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Christmas Spirit

I have the Christmas Spirit!  I know, I know, you say but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet….. And you’re right.

But you don’t understand, I have to have the Christmas spirit, and do you know why?  It is because I am going to make another video on Saturday.  Yes, you guessed it…. we are going to film decorating my home.  And we’re going to cover everything from decorating the tree, putting garlands around my door and up my outside steps, to decorating my chandelier, to positioning cute little elves climbing up my kitchen island lights.

Oh, and that’s now all!  We are going to brave the elements and decorate Christmas trees outside in my “Pergola” (a pergola is actually an outside room).  I’m going to make outside arrangements out of fresh greens, show you how to add fresh greens to an artificial wreath, wrap packages, and much, much more!

So, that is why I absolutely HAVE to find my Christmas spirit really fast!  Oh, don’t worry, I can do it, 🙂  When I owned my brick and mortar business, I actually turned my entire shop over to Christmas in June or July every year.  Now that sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Yes, I thought so too.  But customers would start coming in around the middle of June looking for glittering, whimsical Christmas goodies.  So, I would give in, and put it out.  Thank Goodness, I don’t have to do that any more!!

My friend, and employee Shirley will be here is just a few minutes.  Today she is bringing some help with her.  We’ll have her son Max, and daughter Elizabeth.  They both have helped me before – actually Elizabeth helps me every week.  My Christmas tree is already up so Elizabeth will begin the “fluffin” process.  And Max, well, we will use his strong, muscular body to have him running up and down the stairs bring down my many, many boxes of Christmas finery.

One advantage to owning my shop for so many years is that I always purchased something very special for myself each year.  And… then what do you think we did with all of those Christmas items which never sold? lol…. Well, I took them home, they are here at my house, and I thoroughly enjoy putting them up every year.

It is now 8 am, and Shirley has just arrived waiting for me to tell her where we’ll start first.  So, I must get busy, and get decorations organized, and separated.  It will take quite a while to get things in order so that we can film on Saturday without any delays.

I’ll post some pictures here later today.  I have pictures of my decorated home when when we were on the tour of homes in ’06.

Maybe I have you thinking about Christmas today.  If you decide to start pulling out Christmas decorations, I just know you’ll have as much fun as we are going to have!

Smiles…. Nancy