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"Peace" By, Nancy Alexander

Exactly Why is This Post Entitled Peace?

I am up bright and early with my Hubby – Steve… getting him off to work by 6:15.  Well, at least he is trying to get out the door by 6:15… I didn't help too much today – as a matter of fact I was sort of a hindrance having so much fun laughing, and talking with him this morning as he was trying to get out of bed  – already 15 minutes behind! Steve has a 45 minute commute to work, and has to start at 7 am. with a four-day workweek.   


Working at a nuclear plant has been a totally different experience for us both.  I absolutely LOVE having my hubby home on Fridays although the four long days are hard – they are soooo worth it!  We have the weekend to travel, just hang out at home enjoying life and each other, or have fun with our wonderful family, and friends. 


My mind is already filled with things I want to accomplish today.  I have so many things I want to do and need to do for my customers.  I am so very grateful that my Celiac disease, and fibromyalgia are under control now so that I can attack these dreams with a vengeance!


Now to the first task at hand: All right, JIM COCKRUM!!!  I owe you one… LOL…. You are the one who told me writing an outline for my new book (my story) would be easy!  "Do it now, while things are fresh on your mind…" you said.  "Then you can go back to it later and fill in all the details,"  were some of your suggestions and encouraging words. I have found that it is almost impossible to write an outline unless you remember at least some details and facts!!!   


This is all I can think about now, and I have many, many more things I need to do along with writing an outline for my book.  No, really I am just kidding, you have given me so much encouragement with thoughts and ideas through the years, I can NEVER repay you! Well… I'll tell you…. words, yes words are filling my head:  thoughts, details, when did that happen?, am I sure that is the way it was?   Really… really, was it like that?  Oh my gosh… I didn't remember that!  This is so funny I am laughing! 


Oh my… it really is sad as tears fall down my cheeks?  How did we, no I, make it?  Through God's help, love and guidance, I know is the only way. I am calling my sisters quite often… asking them questions until they are so frustrated, they both respond:  "I really have to go – I have a lot to do today!"  Sandra says to call Susan, and Susan says to call Sandra.  They are twins, you see, and I somehow thought the two of them together would remember facts with more details that I do —- Duh – WRONG!!!! Okay, calm down now.  This is supposed to be an outline – yes, an outline.  Do I remember what an outline is from reports, and papers in high school, college?  Yes, of course I do.  Well, maybe I do.  That was a long time ago.  Oops, I just blew it – I am not old!  I refuse to be old!  So it could not have been such a long time ago!


Yes, I know…. I am rambling here!  I suppose that is what happens when you go back to when you were a child, and try to remember events, happy times, sad times, joyous times,  family members, best friends…  the where's, the why's and the surely not's!  I think it takes all of this – maybe only as a catharsis for me to understand why God has led me on the path I have traveled to reach the promise of  P-E-A-C-E   that is "my life" right now. Would I be where I am now if I had not gone through the pain and the valleys?  No, I think not – I know not.  Would I be the person I am today without the pruning and the tearing down which God has done in my life?  No – I know not.  That is what formed me –  "Nancy".  These joyous times, happy times, sad times, and hopeless times were a big part of making "me" the person I am today.  The person who has a tender heart for others – family, especially –  a love of the beauty of nature –  a talent for decorating, floral design, gardening, and so many more fun, exciting blessings and hobbies!


You are probably saying…. now why is this post entitled Peace?  It is because I starting singing this song two days ago, and it hasn't left me yet: 


"It is Well With My Soul:" "When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul." Quoting Beth Moore:  "God's Word does not say we'll have peace like a pond.  If we were honest, we might admit to thinking of peaceful people as boring.  We might think, I'd rather forego peace and have an exciting life!  When was the last time you saw white-water rapids?  Few bodies of water are more exciting than rivers!  We can have active, exciting lives without suffering through a life of turmoil.  To have peace like a river is to have security and tranquility while meeting many bumps and unexpected turns on life's journey.  Peace is submission to a trustworthy Authority, not resignation from an activity."

One of my life goals is "Peace" – peace like a river!  So, I am off today praying for, finding, and enjoying the Peace which God has so generously bestowed upon my life.  I hope you are on the journey to fulfill the promise of peace in your life too! Have a glorious day, Nancy

A New Morning…

It is a new morning… the sun is just starting to rise.  This day will never "be" again!  What will you do with yours??  I am planning what I should do with mine… what will I write on today that will make a difference in someone's life?  What can I do that will please God?  I have prayed for a new "Spirit" for today.  I pray that God will fill me with so much Grace and Love that it literally spills over onto others in my life. I am soooo grateful for my loving Hubby.  Steve is the best!  He loves me, he cherishes me, and he supports my business.  He is actually helping me plan and write a vendor report that all my customers are dying for.  And he is encouraging me to work on the outline for my new book – yes, I am finally writing a book. So many have been begging me to do this to help them in their journey fighting fibromyalgia.  The title is: 

"I CAN BE CURED"   –   "From Fibro To Freedom" 

Pray that God will bless and lead me on this journey in my life.  It will be painful at times… it will be joyful at times… and I'm sure these times of remembrances will bring many tears.  I will be praying for you today – that you have a joy-filled and pain-free life! Have a marvelously Blessed day.  Think of someone today who needs you; love someone today who may be un-loveable; and give thanks to God in every single thing whether it be good or bad! With God's peace… Nancy