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Grateful for Grandchildren


Looking out of my big office window this morning,  I am so thankful to God for our family and the many blessings we have. I am so grateful to live in a country where there is peace – freedom to worship where we choose – homes where we feel safe and secure.  I am reminded of all that is going on in this world around us.  I want to keep others in my prayers today!  Steve and I are soooo blessed with strong, beautiful, and healthy grandchildren….



Ava Grace will soon turn two years old.  She is such a special little girl.  And she is all girl… a girly girl… a little "Diva" lol.  Steve and I always say if we are ever running low on JOY, and SMILES, then this is where we need to go.  She has plenty to share and keeps us smiling! Ava Grace talks nonstop.  And the newest thing right now is that she adds an "s" to every thing.  So she calls herself "Abas", I am "Mimis" and Steve is "Poppies".  We absolutely LOVE it!  Sooooo Precious!

Lucas is almost five years old!  I can hardly believe it.  We had a very special day with him a week ago checking out Clemson University.  He got to walk on the field – Death Valley – touch the rock, and run down the hill just as all the football players do.  That was such a wonderful day of laughter and smiles! 

Special moments between Grandfather and Grandson !  Yup, you guessed it!  They are discussing "Tiger Football".  Lucas is sooo smart, he took everything in and asked many questions.  He  got to go down on the field, and have his picture made with a Clemson Football Player!  Memorable Day!

And last, but not least is Austin…. He is almost 7 1/2 months old.  He was born December 6th, but was not due until the middle to the end of February.  Austin weighed 3lbs, 5 oz. at birth and was in the neonatal unit in Greenville, SC for many weeks.  But now just look at him – growing like a weed, and the most infectious smile you have ever seen.  He is such a Miracle, and a happy, happy, little boy!  He is smiling and laughing just about all the time.  And…he loves his bed!  (Takes after his daddy, I think!)



 And here is our latest little miracle!   In this picture, Wyatt Thomas Alexander was only one day old!  He weighed 8lbs, 1oz., and is precious!  I'll write more about him with more pictures in my next post, but I just had to go back and add him to this list of our grandchildren from my older post.  We now have FOUR!  Yea!!!!! Thank you God!