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Friends From Country Sampler Magazine

"Welcome Friends" By, Nancy Alexander

Welcome to Our Friends From Country Sampler Magazine

WOW!  What do I say?  How do I start this post?  This has really been a whirlwind of a week!  First of all I turned 60 years old.  And no…I didn't flip out because I did that a week ago.  I thought I would get it over and done with so I could enjoy my birthday! AND I DID!  Steve took me to Charlotte for a couple of days and we had a wonderful time. 


I started getting calls yesterday and receiving emails for wreath orders.  This is when I realized that the new issue of Country Sampler magazine was being put online.  I have an ad in this wonderful magazine under Ladybug Wreaths.  You can CLICK HERE to see it.  That isn't all, though, because my wreath and my videos will be in a room scene when the magazine comes out.  It is being mailed to subscribers right now, and will be in the news-stands Oct. 1st.

Welcome COUNTRY SAMPLER Subscribers!
It is GREAT to Have You Visiting With Me!


Here is a close-up picture of me with the wreath which is featured in Country Sampler.  They also are featuring all twelve of my instructional, how-to videos!  Exciting, huh?  Well, it really is for me.  I literally spend hours on this wreath.  I wanted to feature one that has our "Wild & Woodsy" look for which Ladybug Wreaths has become known!  And this one is HUGE!  It is really filled with flowers, berries, greens, a bird house, red birds, blossoms and more!  You can go to my website if you want to take a closer look at it:

My newsletter is being emailed out as I am writing this post, so make sure you are signed up on my newsletter list to get your copy on a six (6) session series about Decorating Small Spaces!  Oh, and if you would like to see a copy of this week's newsletter (or any older ones) and were not on my mailing list, you can find them here:

I featured a special section in this weeks newsletter about displaying pictures – you know – the ones we keep in boxes and want to display them, but just don't have room for frames everywhere!!??

Here are a couple of pictures of an idea I had to display some of my photos.  I just LOVE it!  Tell me what you think??  I used double sided tape and taped these wonderful black and white photos to one of my old windows.  Yes, I do stop along the side of the road and pick up any old windows I can find…. LOL…. Also, I purchase any I can at yard sales.  There are always wonderful uses for them, just as I used this one.  I have it propped into a corner of a small niche in our home is perfect for displaying some favorite photos!

 I really do want to thank all of my friends and customers for your emails congratulating me for coming back – yes…. I am BACK!!!  And for all of the congratulations about my health and overcoming fibromyalgia!  It is working!  I am feeling so much better!  God is so good and faithful!

I had a wonderful birthday and a very busy work week.  Steve (my hubby) and I have been still working frantically to finish my new eBook.  I can hardly believe that it is close to 200 pages long.  I know what everyone must be thinking…how can you fill up that many pages without adding lots of fluff?? Well, we absolutely did fill that many pages with so much valuable information that my customers will be swept off their feet.  I only have a few more pictures to add before we turn things over to our GREAT copywriter…so stay tuned!

Life is Wonderfully Exciting and Busy

"Life is Wonderfully Exciting" By, Nancy Alexander

The Alexander Family has  New Addition!..

I must start this post with a picture of our newest addition to the Alexander family!  Wyatt Thomas Alexander was born August 7th!  He is so precious and absolutely PERFECT!  This makes our fourth.  I have always heard that being a grandparent just cannot compare with anything else — well, they were right!  Our four "grands" are the JOY of our lives!  We thank God for them every single day!  In the picture below, Ava Grace wants to unwrap Wyatt to check him out.  She thinks he is one of her baby dolls!  So SWEET!

I am very frantic, rushed, excited, and busy today.  But I thought this day was worth taking a few minutes to post in Nancy's Ramblings.  I'm sure most of you know by now that Steve and I are putting the finishing touches on my *SECRET* Vendor's Supplier list. 


"The FIRST Secret List of Floral Design Suppliers — EVER PUBLISHED!


We have worked more hours that we ever believed was possible.  We have had detours which stopped this process cold!  But we have had many miracles which have rejuvenated our lives, our hearts, and our work.  The last few months have been full of excitement, JOY, and work.  This eBook has taken on a mind of its own.  It has grown to be wonderfully exciting and is so full of pertinent information that my customers will just not believe it when they finally get their hands on it.  I can hardly believe how God has inspired us in so many ways.

We have talked to suppliers and gathered together information that I have collected over the last 25 years.  Each day I remember more and more exciting things that I want you to know that I did not know when starting my own business.  This information about going to market, about purchasing from wholesale suppliers without letting them know that you are a "newbe" to the business, will help you so very much!  Oh, how I wish I had been able to purchase a list like this one when I first started!!

I truly DO NOT believe there is a list out there right now like this one for sale, ANYWHERE!!  I want my customers and friends to have all the information in one place that I had to dig, scrape and search for in the many years I was operating a business.

Okay, enough about the book! Except, we should be finished by this weekend – for those of you who have been waiting and waiting and waiting!  I do promise you it will DEFINITELY be worth the wait!  Now… Many other exciting happenings are going on at Ladybug Wreaths


I have an advertisement coming out in Country Sampler magazine.  It has already been mailed to subscribers and will be online at by this weekend.  It will hit the newsstands starting October 1st!  I will have a huge wreath featured in a room scene along with information about purchasing and ordering wreaths on the opposite page.  Also featured are my instructional wreath-making videos.  So, take a look if you get a chance.  If you don't subscribe to the magazine, you can purchase one after October 1st, or you can go online to view their newest edition. 

This is VERY exciting for me as Country Sampler has 350,000 to 400,000 subscribers, plus 1,000,000 readers!  WOW, that literally takes my breath away!