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I Love Vacations


"I Love Vacations" By, Nancy Alexander

Probably for Reasons Different Than Most

Yes, I know…Everyone Loves Vacations!

My reasons are different than most.  Truthfully, I have always loved vacations.  As a child we didn't have much money, but my daddy made sure our family of five would have a vacation every single summer! 

Daddy saved quarters all year long.  I could hear him each day as he returned home from work, taking them out of his "pocket change" as he dropped them into a brass jug which sat on the fireplace mantle.  We would sometimes only be able to stay for three nights, then as the years passed, it was a Week Long Trip!  These were very special weeks for my sisters and I growing up. 

We stayed at the very same place the first week of June in Myrtle Beach, SC every single year.  We would arrive around lunchtime on a Sunday afternoon and watch for a family with girls the same age as us to arrive from Ohio.  They came the very same week every single year too.  Daddy made sure we also had the money to eat a nice seafood meal once during the week, and a nice breakfast out once also.  The rest of the time, our mother prepared a big meal at lunchtime every day in that tiny "kitchenette".  We enjoyed those meals so much as three little girls very always very hungry after swimming all morning long. 

The first few years after Steve and I married, we had wonderful vacations too.  We went to the beach — Myrtle, of course — as that was where each of our families had spent vacation time every year.  We also visited the mountains when we got a chance.

Then, a few years after our boys were born, I was stricken with this strange illness which stopped our vacations for the most part.  Sure, there were years or maybe only months at a time when I felt a little better and we could go back to our "favorite" beach.  But those trips were few and far between.  Any extra money was spent on doctor, after doctor, after doctor as well as different "miracle" drugs, and strange "holistic" cures which never worked. 

I finally diagnosed myself with Fibromyalgia after being sick for at least 15 years.  Honestly, I don't know why it was so important to be diagnosed because there was still no help, and the doctors still tried the same drugs.  The only good thing that came out of being diagnosed was my own peace of mind. 

After being told it was either "housewife syndrome" or "in my head" or "severe depression" time and time again, I was somewhat relieved that I could finally tell people:  "See!  I really am sick!  I told you I was!"  But, where was the cure?  Why didn't I get better since I had been diagnosed?  The pain, the stress of having a "chronic" illness, and the unreasonable thoughts of others just added to what I was already feeling — I had no hope!  For me, the cure didn't come for 16 more years.

I know…I am sure…I am totally convinced that God used this time, and this pain to grow me into the person I am today for a reason.  I receive emails from women just like me who have gone undiagnosed for many years.  They are hopeless and they feel like they are loosing their minds — just as I did.  Some of them consider suicide…yes…just as I did!

But they are not loosing their minds!  Fibromyalgia has now FINALLY been proven to be a legitimate disease.  There is hope and there is a cure!  I know because I am now being cured of this insidious, misunderstood disease.  I have a ministry over that reaches women all over the world through the "web".  I encourage and support these women by telling them what I went through and show them where I am today.  I give God ALL the Praise and the Glory!


So… Why Is This Post Called "I Love Vacations"?


The reason is… my husband Steve and I just returned from a wonderful vacation!  God has sent the right people into my life at just the right time.  I am being healed, I do eat a special diet, and I do take just the right supplements, and I am getting off any prescription drugs (there were not many) that I was on.  I am able to enjoy life again!  I want each of you to join me on this path too! 

We spent two days with our children and grand-children in Charleston, SC.  That was so much fun!  And, we got to attend a GREAT service at New Spring Charleston!  Here are pictures of Matt and Sara at work along with pictures of Lucas and Ava learning about the Fruits of the Spirit!~  Our son Matt is Production Director at New Spring Charleston, and our daughter-in-law, Sara is acting in a play in Kid Spring Charleston.  Little Wyatt is busy breaking all the hearts in the nursery!  We are so very proud of them and their work there!

Lucas Practicing Ava Enjoying a Song Singing About Fruits of the Spirit
Sara Acting on Stage at Kid Spring Charleston Matt - an Impressive and Hard Job as Production Director

I am going to be talking more about my diet and my cure for Fibromyalgia in more posts.  But, for today, I wanted to share a few pictures with you of our wonderful vacation.  Vacations for me these days are more special than for most.  You see…I was sure I would never again be able to travel and enjoy life the way my husband and I are enjoying it now. 

Just looking at the sites as we ride down a long highway has a special meaning now.  Simple things like walking on the beach while holding hands with my husband, and feeling the sand squish up between my toes brings such joy.  I thank God for each sunrise and sunset that I can watch over the deep blue ocean!  Each day that I can enjoy on this earth with my husband, our children and grand-children is such a special gift from God!

I didn't have Internet access for most of our 10 day vacation.  I thought that I would, and I took my laptop with me along with my bag of "office supplies" that I was sure I would need.  But God took care of that for me…He knew I needed a rest so that is what I got… a most wonderful, restful vacation.

We have been talking about Internet businesses in our membership site lately;  It is wonderful to be an Internet Entrepreneur and have a business that is run on auto-pilot while I am away.  I don't believe there was a single day while we were gone that I didn't have money coming in.  Now, this type of business is by far better that the storefront business I used to have!