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Linda and me


"Linda and me…" By Nancy Alexander

Two Souls Drawn Together Across The Miles…

Linda Joseph is her name.  She is my business partner, my confidant, my best friend, and the technical, organized side of my business.  We are complete opposites that God brought together many years ago for His purpose in our lives!

Linda lives in Hartford, Connecticut, and I live in Anderson, South Carolina.  We live close to 1,000 miles apart, which would be approximately 15 + hours if you were driving.  We have never met.  We have never laid eyes on each other except through Skype or photos, but yet we work together, email, Skype, laugh, and talk together and pray for each other almost daily.

Linda and I laugh and joke at each other all the time about the fact that she is the "left brain", as I am the "right brain" in our partnership!  You can see from the picture Linda found below exactly what I am talking about… and the picture definitely depicts us, and our working arrangements! 


Nancy & Linda,


Several weeks ago, Linda finally got to meet.  We had been talking, planning, and hoping for quite some time that we would be able to get together this summer to do some planning, and necessary paperwork to get our newest venture "Passion Into Profits" launched.

Around this time, I was asked to speak before the "Chamber of Commerce — Women in Business".  I am pretty good in front of a video camera… :o), but when there are actual people in front of me, I am not a fan of public speaking.  So, after being asked several time to speak, and turning them down several times, I finally said:  "Well, if my partner, Linda is going to be here…then of course I'll speak…we both will."  (You have to understand that I KNEW she would not be able to because she had been out of the country for 2 weeks, and was just coming back home.)

This is where I got into trouble!  I mentioned this to Linda, and she answered:  "Of course, I'll be happy to come.  When do I need to be there?"  Well, I was stuck!  I was caught, and "we" were going to speak before these amazing business women.  Honestly, I still have a hard time believing that I have something to offer these women.  I don't see my accomplishments (which are many), as others see them.  I feel like I am still "just beginning", and have such a long way to go!

After Being Partners for Around Five Years,
Nancy and Linda Meet for the First Time!


Here we are at our Chamber of Commerce talk!
Yes… I actually did it, and it was so much fun…


Well, we had to have a little bit of fun, now didn't we…TeeHee



Linda and I NEVER stopped talking and laughing!  We spent FIVE days together…us two (older??) ladies who live over 1,000 miles apart.  It was like we had been best friends all our lives.  It is totally amazing to me that God could bring the two of us together to launch an business.

Linda and I get to share in the joy and excitement of starting our new business: "Passion Into Profits".  We will be coaching "artisans" from all walks of life, creating many types of products how to take these creations, market, and sell them online.

I feel so very blessed!  God has led me and my business in a new and exciting direction with a new partner who could only have been sent by Him!  We have had so many applications already for our coaching services, as we begin the process of narrowing down the list to pick the first group of ladies we will be privileged and honored to work with.

Below is the video of our speech at the "Chamber of Commerce – Women in Business"