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Writers Conference at The Cove

"The Cove…" By Nancy Alexander

Writers Advance Boot Camp…

Steve and I just returned from an inspiring, jam-packed weekend at The Cove.  We walked halls covered with pictures of Billy Graham, his family, and many important figures who know, love and respect him.  We attended classes taught by many well known authors and teachers, as we got to talk to famous authors who give God all the credit for their work and their inspiration.  Steve and I were inspired as we knew that we were exactly where we were meant to be — as we felt we were walking on Holy Ground.  .



If you have never heard of The Cove, it is the Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, NC.  This truly is an amazing place – a place of peace, safety, and retreat from the outside world.  We attended a Christian Writers Retreat with my unfinished book in hand.  If you haven't heard me mention the book of my life, the name is:  FIBROMYALGIA: RUMORS, RAVAGES, AND THE RESCUE.

Cove 5

Cove 1

We were there to "pitch" my book to an editor.  This particular editor, Eddie Jones, is the owner, and Acquisitions Editor of Lighthouse Publishing.  The time we spent with Eddie was enlightening, exciting, and inspiring.  He basically said: "your book is the type we are looking for, because it can help many women suffering from chronic illnesses similar to the ones I have — or had."  Yes, I did know this, because this was my main reason for hiring a published writer to help me in this, often painful, writing process.  He also said:  "Go home and write quickly!  We need to get this story out as soon as possible.  Even after you're finished writing, it could take a year for them to do what they need to do."

We learned that Lighthouse was a great publisher to go with — they care — they are concerned about their writers, which is SO important.   We took a class from him later, comparing the smaller publishing houses to the larger publishers.  As a matter of fact, we also met with Diana Flegal who is an agent specializing in getting manuscripts in front of some of the larger publishers.  She basically said the same thing.  I have a VERY STRONG platform, meaning that I already have a following of, mostly ladies, who are waiting for my book — for my help.  They need and want this help and encouragement. 

These ladies are suffering just as I did.  I can help them by telling the story of the path I walked for over 30 years which included self-doubt, pain, and suffering.  I can also tell them how I now experience the freedom of knowing I can and do now live strongly!  I am finally able to reach my dreams for the first time in my life.  I am finally able to feel self-confidence which is sorely lacking when you have chronic illnesses.  And I am finally able to dream my dreams with a sense that they can and will come true.  And last, but certainly not least, I can attest to the fact that God IS with them always — as He was with me always – even when I didn't see or feel His presence. 

He IS always there.  He IS always looking after each of us as we travel the journey He has for us which molds and shapes us into His children — the ones He put on this earth to become.

We really enjoyed this experience with my co-author, Laura Poole, as well as friends from Anderson.


We will continue working on "my story".  There is a lot yet to be done, but to know that it could make a difference in one life, two lives, three lives, or hundreds (it's worth it, no matter how many lives God wants it to reach).