Blessings Flow From Encouragement

Blessings Flow From Encouragement   By Nancy Alexander

So Grateful to Help You Find What Makes You Come Alive!…

What a responsibility and a blessing it is to be able to teach, help, and encourage so many…  I want to help you find your reason for being — to find what makes you come alive by using all your God-given gifts.  I am passionate about this.  My work, and my business had its core beginnings and base helping others know "They CAN Do It".

I hope you enjoy the video I filmed for you today :)…

We all want success in our lives.  But that success doesn't come without failures, and pain.  It isn't always easy, but it is there waiting for you.  I am here waiting for you.  Yes, you will fall down, but with each fall you get stronger and stronger.  I can honestly say that with every failure, and every fall, I have grown as a woman into the one that God put me on this earth to be.  You will make mistakes.  I have made many mistakes, but these mistakes make us stronger and give us a clearer goal into our life's meaning.

The first think I want you to do is try.  Please don't be afraid of failure.  Without trying, there will be no failure… but at the same time, without trying there will be no success either. I have read that fear paralizes us, and that action gives us courage.  That is SO true.  I was paralized with fear for so many years afraid of how my body would react to everything around me.  "So What?" I've had to tell myself over and over.  "What really will happen if I try?"  Well, I'll fail, but is that a really bad thing?  No, I think not — because I won't always fail.  There will be successes there also that will take me up to heights I never thought I would reach.

I want you to feel alive!  I want you to revel in the JOY that success brings!  I want you to know you don't have to stay where you are if is it a scary place.  I tried stepping out many times, and I failed many times.  But, guess what?  ONE DAY I SUCCEEDED.  That doesn't mean that I never failed again, it just means that I was stronger and took more chances and had more successes than failures.

I am thinking of each of you today.  You are a part of my life.  Your notes and emails bring me joy as I learn that I have, in someway, made a difference to you.

4 thoughts on “Blessings Flow From Encouragement

  1. Nancy, you have touched my heart in so many ways. I'm sitting here with tears runnung down my face. There has beeh so much change and upheveal in my life I often feel lost. However, your encouraging words and faith in Spirit gives me strength to not give up and to quiet myself and listen for guidance. Thank you Nancy for being you.


    • I just saw this Bernita…sorry I missed it on the 19th.  You have touched my heart.  I admire you so much because I know the sacrificies you have made to care for your beautiful mom in her last years.  I do know how hard that has to be for you!  I’m so sorry you are feeling lost, and I am humbled that in some way I can make a difference with what I might say… or my faith. 

      You definitely have strength, dear Bernita!  You are a very special, one and only, child of God.

      I thank “You” for being you!

      Sincerely, Nancy


  2. Nancy, thank you, I could not have seen this at a better time. Your encouragement and faith in God has feeled my heart with hope. Much love to you , Susan Thomas

    • Thank you Susan for your sweet note.  Just like I said to Bernita in her note, I am truly humbled that my words and encouragement can make a difference in your lives.

      I love you all dearly! 



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