Buying Trip to Atlanta

Yesterday morning, Thursday, my hubby and I left at 7:30 to go to one of my suppliers near Atlanta.  I needed to buy fall ribbons and flowers.  Oh, and yes… I needed to go ahead and purchase Christmas.  Isn’t it awful to think that I have to purchase Christmas so early.  But I do have to remember that when I had my “brick and mortar” business, I used to order Christmas during January ($60,000 to $80,000) worth at the time, and have it shipped in May.  So by the middle to end of June, my shop was transformed into a winter wonderland when it was 100 degrees outsite.   Boy! am I glad those days are over – way to much stress wondering if I would have the money to pay for all that merchandise when it was due on December 10th!

Things are so very different now selling in the Internet, and I’m LOVING it!!!!!

The supplier we visited yesterday does not have a catalog, and they don’t even have a website…. way… too much merchandise to go to the trouble of listing it anywhere, and their turnover is unbelievable.  One week you may see dozens of boxes of some particular stem, and then the next week, those are all sold out and something more wonderful – or less wonderful is found in its place.

Here are some pictures of us on our trip.  You’ll see how much I purchased yesterday because I filled up my car as I usually do. 

Ribbon rows were unbelievable.  I filled up my cart with many rolls of ribbon that I liked, then went back and unrolled many of them.  I like to match colors since most of my bows are made from two and even three ribbons at one time.

I’m sure I spent over an hour, or maybe even an hour and a half picking ribbons.  So many – so beautiful – I could have purchased 10 times more than I really did!

Beautiful new (bold) colors abound in ribbons this year – pinks, purples, orange, reds, lime green, purple, and of course the regular Christmas Reds.

There were three buildings such as this one in the pictures…  We were there for 3 1/2 hours, and I only covered one building.  That totally wore me out – and filled up my car.  I’ll have to check out the merchandise in the other buildings on my next trip.  We may even need to pull my son’s trailer.  I could literally fill it up!  These buildings have NO AIR CONDITIONING!! Yup, you heard me right… only fans and open doors.  We went so early because the temperature rose up to 100 degrees yesterday in Georgia.

 As you can see, we just couldn’t add another thing to my car!  Now, my breezeway is filled with wreaths, flowers, greenery, and lots of ribbons.  There are some wonderful new mesh ribbons which I will be listing in my store.  There are colorful, wirey, glittery, and sheer and will be so showy draped around the Christmas tree.

Totay is July 4th.  We are invited to two pic-nics, so we’ll have a wonderfully busy day. 

Hope all of you have a wonderfull and safe Fourth of July!

Smiles… Nancy 

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