Twig Tips

My wreath-making expertise was gained in bits and pieces, kinda like twigs. I’ve offered those tidbits to you in the same way: in bits and pieces. So…

My twig tip for today is….

Honeysuckle. Why are our wreath designs so unique, gorgeous and long-lasting? We spell it h-o-n-e-y-s-u-c-k-l-e! It gives our creations that wild, woodsy and natural look and it also provides perfect resting places for bird nests and other critters. Honeysuckle enhances the shape of the wreath and adds strength and durability to your wreath. In fact, when you make a character wreath, some of those sentimental pieces are made of wood or pottery and can be quite heavy. For example, if I want to add a clay pot to the wreath, I tie the honeysuckle into a ring and slide the pot into the ring – securing it with glue, and then covering it with fresh mosses. The honeysuckle vine will hold such an addition securely and generally enhances or adds to the strength of the wreath base.

Drive down any wooded country road and you can find honeysuckle vines in the undergrowth or at the base of a tree or fence. It likes to twine around these and grow up among the branches. Now is the time of year to look for it, as honeysuckle has not begun to leaf out yet. If you do happen to harvest honeysuckle when it has leaves on it, just let them dry and rub them off the stems. Just cut the vine at the point where it comes up out of the ground and then merely pull the remainder of the vine out of the tree or bush.

As soon as you have collected the honeysuckle vine, wrap it around in a circle and secure it with wire. This allows it to dry curved instead of straight, for as honeysuckle dries, it becomes brittle. Only cut as much as you may need, so that it will be fresh as you add it to your wreath. When incorporating honeysuckle into your twig wreath, use pipe cleaners or wire to tie it to the twig wreath base. In fact, I demonstrate this process in every wreath-making video. You can see these on my product page. Be creative by having it extend above and below the wreath. Make loops and curls; let your imagination be your guide.

So get busy and start creating those spring wreaths! I know you can do it!



For more ideas on how to find your unique style and incorporate freshly harvested honeysuckle vines into your wreaths, “Spring Meadow” is the book for you!

To find your style, it is imperative that you first learn the basics of wreath design. This book will teach you these basics, along with all tips, ideas and a technique that I have developed during my thirty years in the floral & home décor industry.

A beginner with no experience to a professional designer will benefit from this beautiful, easy to follow book.

I start with a “wild birch” base exclusive to Ladybug Wreaths. Then I use freshly harvested honeysuckle vines adding loops and curls to give your wreath a wild & natural look.

You learn how to incorporate large, medium, and small blossoms as well as different forms of fillers and berries. My instructions will teach you how to securely attach a pick to a stem, make sure your “critters” such as birds, ladybugs, nests, and bird houses are anchored securely.

And, of course, I’ll share how to tie a beautiful single, double, or triple ribbon bow for which Ladybug Wreaths is so well known.

I’m delighted to be able to share my tips and secrets with you through “Spring Meadow.”

Only FIVE Days Left

"Only FIVE Days Left…" By Nancy Alexander

To Help Meet Our Family Goal and Donate to the March of Dimes…

March of Dimes

Their Research SAVED Austin's Life!

There are only FIVE days left to help us meet
our family goal as we raise money for the…

The March of Dimes – March for Babies


For every $25.00 you donate, you have a chance to win a $200 custom wreath made by Nancy.  We will film the drawing which will be held on the day of the walk which is April 28th!

This is a cause that is VERY DEAR TO OUR HEARTS! You see, our little grandson, Austin Thomas Alexander, age 2, would not be with us today if it were not for the research and development of drugs used to save the lives of many preemies every single day! Not one little life should be lost because of lack of funds in developing these new "Life-Saving" Treatments!

Since time is running out, and you probably do not have time to mail a check, you can go to our family page on the March of Dimes website.   

Pictures From Austin's Second Birthday!


Here you can donate to our family team and have an option of several forms of payment.  If you do pay through our family page on the March of Dimes site, please email me:, to let me know that you made a donation so I can make sure that your name is added into our drawing. 


We are SO very grateful for those of you who have already made donations!  If it were not for the research and development of new drugs to save preemies such as Austin, he, and many other Sweet Little Ones would not be with us today!


Austin Thomas Alexander Just a few hours old:
Weighing 3 lbs., 5 oz.


Our sweet little baby on a C-Pap Machine



“Austin’s Story Cont.” Contest For a Custom Made Wreath

"Austin's Story!" By Nancy Alexander

Ladybug Wreaths is Hosting a Contest for:


YOU can enter a drawing for a chance to win a CUSTOM DESIGNED WREATH just for you.  Your wreath could be similar to the one below…or totally different.  It is YOUR choice! The wreath you will win is valued at $200!  I will even pay the shipping costs!  It will be designed especially for YOU in any color, style, or design that you wish!  You may ask, "Why are you doing this?"  I am doing this to raise money for "THE MARCH OF DIMES; MARCH FOR BABIES", an organization which holds a DEAR SPOT IN MY HEART!"


The winner will receive an extra large wreath similar to the one above.  I know a lot of you support worthy causes, and this is certainly one of those.  For a minimum donation of $25.00 to the march of Dimes, your name will be entered into the drawing once.  For every $25.00 you donate, your name will be entered into the drawing, i.e. for a $75.00 gift, your name will be added three times.

The little boy below, our grandson, Austin Thomas Alexander, now 26 months old, is the reason this charity has changed our lives. You see, Austin would not be with us today if not for the work of the March of Dimes!


Austin, born at 31 weeks, spent 33 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Greenville Memorial Hospital.  The March of Dimes and their research aided in the development of a new drug, surfactant, as well as other drugs which saved Austin's life as well as the lives of many other preemies.

If you wish to read more about "Austin's Story", you can see it in this blog at:

I would like to thank you all in advance for your generous gifts, knowing full well that other children will be saved through your generosity.

Your checks need to be mailed to me and received before April 21st.  They should be made payable to The March of Dimes.

My address:

Nancy Alexander
203 Regent Road
Anderson, SC 29621

In the subject line of your check, add our family team name:  "Miles Into Miracles".

The drawing will be held the day of the March of Dimes – March for Babies Walk In Anderson, SC, on April 28, 2012.  At the walk, we will video me, along with my grandson, Austin, drawing the name of the lucky winner of this $200.00 custom wreath.  Then all of the checks will be turned into the March of Dimes that same day.

If you would like to view our personal family page on the March of Dimes website, click on the link below: