Fun in the Snow in the South


"Fun in the Snow" By, Nancy Alexander

Snowing in the South and Having Lots of Fun


My last posts have been long and sort of serious.  But, they have been important! 
I have felt a real burden to write about my life with Fibromyalgia, and what I am now doing to be cured.



But, today is going to be on a lighter note.  Yes, it is snow!  Snow in the South!
And Steve and I are having a BLAST!!  WooHoo~~ 



 My handsome hubby, Steve playing in the snow — and making sure we have plenty of bird seed out for the birds! They really let us know when the feeders start getting low by flying up on the back porch making loud noises!

Steve and I have been working in our office a lot yesterday and today.  We have large windows, looking out over such a pretty site.    As I am working, I have my camera sitting right here beside me; I can take a lot of the pictures without even standing up!   Just look at the pictures of these beautiful birds we look at while we work. It is easy to work (even when you're working on a business plan for 2011) when we have such a beautiful view!


Steve and I have been at home watching and enjoying the snow for several days now.  It is beautiful as this white blanket has engulfed our yard, the street and everything in our garden.  We just ventured out for the first time, and although the roads are still a little slick, we loved it.  We also slid some — but guess what??? I didn't even say a word.  Used to be…when my muscles were so bad, and we would slide in the snow, my nightmare would be that we would get stuck somewhere, and have to get out and walk!  Well, I couldn't walk too well at that time, so I was terrified.  But, not so today!  It is beautiful, peaceful and fun.

Above is a picture of our pergola.  We really enjoy this in the summer and always look for deer tracks in the snow all around it! Those are such peaceful animals, I dearly love to see them walk through our yard.  Even though we live in the city, I can be sitting at my desk working during the middle of the day, and see deer walk down the center of our driveway right in front of me.  I, personally, think they are a sign from God, of his peace, grace and love!  Those are the feelings I feel when I look at these magnificent creatures!

Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas…" By Nancy Alexander

From The Alexanders…


Hoping Your Christmas is Blessed and Your Holidays are Happy, and the New Year Brings Brighter Days for Everyone…  Merry Christmas From all! The Alexanders!  PS: Whew… is Christmas over yet? Naw, I got our card out before midnight on Christmas day… teeheehee…

Austin’s Story

"Austin's Story!" By Nancy Alexander

Ambassador Family for March of Dimes — March for Babies…

We were invited to a luncheon today.  For us, and for many other families, it wasn't just any luncheon – it was a VERY SPECIAL luncheon.  It was special for us and many other families because it was the kick-off for the March of Dimes, March for Babies Walk for 2012.  Our son Andy, his wife Stephanie, along with our little grandson, Austin Thomas Alexander, age 2 were named the "Ambassador Family" for the Anderson County March of Dimes – March for Babies for 2012.  Little Austin has been named the Anderson County March of Dimes 2012 Ambassador. 

Austin's story will serve as inspiration to others and help spread awareness of the March of Dimes and what they do.  We have a family team called "Miles into Miracles", because we feel every mile walked and dollar raised brings us closer to more miracles.  Our family goal is to raise $3,300 for the 33 days he spent in the NICU, but, of course, we would be thrilled to raise much for for the March of Dimes! 

This is where we need your help:  Please click on the link below, and then click under Stephanie Smith Alexander's name where it says member of team name:  Miles into Miracles, and it will take you to our team page.  There you can sponsor our family team with a donation as we walk the 5 miles.  Or, you can join the team and come out and show Austin your support at the walk.  If you can't make the walk but are willing to sponsor us and would rather send a check, you can send them to us (address is at the bottom of this post) and make them payable to MARCH OF DIMES!



View our personal, family page by clicking on the link below:


You see, the fact that Austin is here today with all of us is certainly a miracle!  He was born December 6, 2009 at only 31 weeks weighing 3 pounds, 5 ounces.  Now, take a look at this special little face above:  HE IS SUCH A MIRACLE!  We thank God for his life every single day!  If it weren't for the March of Dimes and their research which aided in the development of a new drug, surfacant, as well as other drugs, Austin would not be with us today.


Today at the kick-off luncheon for the March of Dimes, Stephanie and Andy were asked to get up and tell their story; the "Story of Austin".  It was touching, it was heart-warming, it truly was the story of a "miracle". 

While sitting there listening to my daughter-in-law fight tears as she told of the 33 days in the NICU and how the March of Dimes had played such an important roll in our grandson's life.  I wanted to do something.  I wanted to raise money for the March of Dimes because I KNOW…I KNOW FIRST HAND…HOW THEY GAVE US BACK OUR LITTLE BOY!  And, to think of all the lives they touch (and save) every single day – well, it's just amazing!


So, this post is not only about Stephanie, Andy, and little Austin.  It is about awareness for the March of Dimes.  It is about the babies all over this world who are born prematurely; literally one every single minute.  I am asking you to help Steve and I, as well as Andy, Stephanie, and Austin raise money for this exceptional cause — saving the lives of many babies!

As we sat there today listening to "Austin's Story" that we had lived along with Andy and Stephanie, our hearts were filled with tears and smiles.  Tears as we remembered the pain and the stress of seeing our "little one" struggling for his life, and smiles of gratefulness as we look at him today, playing, giggling, and laughing.  Below, you can read the story of Austin as Stephanie told it today:




Hi, we are Stephanie and Andy Alexander and this is our little miracle Austin. We are honored to serve as this year’s Ambassador Family and we hope we can help bring awareness to March of Dimes and what they do. Even though it’s been 2 years I still get emotional about what Austin went through, so to make sure I let you hear his whole story I am going to read it to you.


In 1983 I myself was born prematurely at 32 weeks, and I weighed 3pounds 7 ounces. No one would have ever thought that we would face a similar situation almost 27 years later. But on December 3, 2009 I was 31 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was rushed to the hospital and started on steroid shots to improve the development of Austin’s lungs. I was also started on Magnesium to lower my blood pressure and hooked to several machines to monitor Austin and myself. The next morning I was given another shot of steroids and at 6 pm that night I was induced. After 42 hours of uneventful labor the doctors decided the safest delivery for the Austin and me would be a c-section.



So on December 6, at 12:10pm Austin was born weighing 3 pounds 5 ounces and 17.25 inches long. He took his first breath and cried on his own and I got give him one kiss as they rushed by me on the way to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU. Once in the NICU his breathing became erratic and he was placed on the ventilator. Austin was put in an incubator and under jaundice light. The Doctors inserted a central pica line for medicine and IV fluids and a feeding tube. He was diagnosed with Respiratory Distress Syndrome or RDS which is a lung malfunction.  He was on the ventilator for 6 days followed by 2 days of the C-Pap machine. This machine placed a tube in his mouth and a helmet type hat was around his head and face to hold it in, it took room air and pushed it with a little force helping him breathe deeper. That was followed by nasal oxygen for the next few weeks.


Austin had to have 3 doses of surfactant, which was the medicine that opened his lungs and made the tacky hairs inside separate. Surfactant and many of the other treatments Austin received were developed by March of Dimes research.


Austin’s chest x-ray revealed he had pneumonia and he was put on a 10-day dose of antibiotics. His echocardiogram revealed he had a small hole in his heart known as Paten Ductus Arteriosis or PDA and the medicine to fix it would require us to stop his feedings for 2 doses within a 24 hour period and there were risk that it could shut his intestines down, of which we would not know for up to 23 days. They let us hold him for the first time for a few minutes before they started the medicine.  The next echo showed the hole had shrunk some but it was not closed, however, at the 23 day mark his intestines were fine and the hole had closed.



At 8 days old we started trying to get him to eat from a bottle, it took him 30 minutes to eat ½ a teaspoon of milk. As we gradually increased his feedings he would get tired and have trouble breathing, several times he had to go back on the feeding tube and oxygen for a few days to regain his strength before he could try again. Because when he ate from a bottle he would forget to breathe and swallow at the same time causing him to turn blue and stop breathing.


While we were in the NICU the local March of Dimes hosted a Christmas Dinner for all the families. They provided us with books about preemies, NICU procedures and cooping with the difficult decisions and stresses of the NICU.


 January 2nd he was moved to an open bed and allowed to wear clothes, at this point we could hold him as much as we wanted. On the 5th he was taken off the Oxygen for the last time and on the 7th he was increased to all bottle feeds and the feeding tube was removed. On January 8th after 33 days in the NICU we got to come home as a family.  Austin had no oxygen, feeding tube, heart monitor or any other type of monitor to bring home.


We are so thankful that God has blessed us with a happy healthy 2 year old .We are forever grateful to March of Dimes and everyone that volunteers, for if it were not for them and our gracious God, Austin would not be with us today. As I said earlier I was a preemie, and I remember as a kid walking in March of Dimes with my Dad and his work, but it wasn’t until we had Austin and truly needed their support that I began to realize what all March of Dimes is about, so from a mother of a Preemie that survived because of you Thank you!




This is where we need your help:  Please click on the link below, and then click under Stephanie Smith Alexander's name where it says member of team name:  Miles into Miracles, and it will take you to our team page.  There you can sponsor our family team with a donation as we walk the 5 miles.  Or, you can join the team and come out and show Austin your support at the walk.  If you can't make the walk but are willing to sponsor us and would rather send a check, you can send them to us (address is at the bottom of this post) and make them payable to MARCH OF DIMES!

Nancy Alexander
203 Regent Road
Anderson, South Carolina  29621


Thank you so much for reading my post, and for your prayers and your generosity!  God Bless… Nancy


It’s Not About Me

"It's Not About Me" By, Nancy Alexander

Sing Until The Whole World Hears…

My heart is overflowing this morning.  We just got home from church a little while ago.  Our pastor talked about… "It's Not About Me."  And, it is not.  It is about you – everyone who has been sent into my path.  And something else was mentioned this morning during the sermon:  "Sing Until the Whole World Hears…"  That's what I want and need to do!  Well, not necessarily sing, because in spite of all the gifts I have been blessed with, singing is not one of them!  But, I want to use my voice, which is my God-given talent, to encourage you by introducing you to color, design, and the opportunity to learn to make something beautiful with your own hands. So, I will sing, so to speak, as I encourage many of you (who are burdened with chronic diseases, depression, and a lack of direction and joy in your lives) by singing as loudly as I know how.  This way I can get my message across to those of you who are in pain and need encouragement!  NOW, THAT IS WHERE I CAN SING! 

Lately, my husband and I have felt like God is definitely leading us on His path.  It is a very curvy path so we can't see too far ahead.  It is dark in places, and all we can see is God's hand reaching out to us motioning us to follow Him.  We are following with 'blind' faith, but we are DEFINITELY following.  And, we will follow wherever and whenever God leads us.  We thought by now that we would know exactly where this path leads.  We have some idea, because of the brokenness we have both experienced in these last few years.  God has reached down into "our pit" and has pulled us out of pain and suffering.  He has held us and has opened our eyes to such beauty, joy, and splendor – more than we could have ever imagined.  I feel it is now my/our responsibility to help those who contact me daily wanting to know how to do what I do while dealing with a chronic illness.


God has Richly Blessed us in So Many Ways!


Our own experiences with 'brokenness' are what we fall back on when we tell others:  "We understand, we have been there, we can help you."  Our 'beautifully broken' lives were put back together by His own hands.  In so doing, He has equipped us to be able to help and encourage others whose lives are broken right now.  But, sometimes, this means we need talk about our past problems and our secrets.  We need to share the circumstances of our brokenness – you know, the things you really never want to talk about with anyone else.  He is definitely leading us in a specific direction on this path of His!  He will give us strength, He will give us courage, He will reach out to us and hold on tightly as we put our 'trust' in Him.  We read His word, pray, and listen with open hearts searching for his voice – "His Leading".  But in spite of our searching, we have still not been able to discern exactly what His will is for us.

And…We are SO Richly Blessed With Family!

At 61 years old, we now feel like so many years of our lives were taken up battling the insidious diseases of Fibromyalgia and Celiac.  These diseases struck early in my life, which means I have fought them for over 30 years.  They not only attacked my physical body, they were also attacking our marriage and our family at the same time.  I researched and I was the first to diagnose what was wrong, after being sick for 15 years, but it was not until around 5 years ago that God led us to a marvelous, Christian specialist.  If I had not received help when I did, I probably would not be on this earth today — or, if I was, I would most certainly be in a wheel chair.  That is what my doctor has told me.  She literally said to me that 90 to 95% of people suffering what I have would be dead by now.  Hearing that has definitely made a difference in the way we both feel about life, and our purpose here upon this earth!

A desperate woman in tears called me at home yesterday.  This was like so many other calls and emails I receive — sometimes every single day.  She has MS, as well as another serious health problem.  Her grown daughter lives at home with her because she needs a kidney and is also in very serious shape.  This woman is married, her husband has a full time job, but he still will do all he can to help his wife and daughter enjoy happy, productive lives.  She says she and her daughter are just "waiting to die".  They have no hope, they have no joy, they have no happiness, they have nothing to look forward to.  She cannot work.  She thinks every day; "What can I do?"  What can I do to bring some joy into my life?  What would my body be able to do?  Anything, Lord, anything???

Oh… this touches my heart deep within my soul!  I was there!  I know how she feels!  I remember having hope for the first few years as I prayed day after day for healing.  But, year after year, as time went on, my hope and my determination were gradually disappearing.  I couldn't take care of my children.  I felt like such a failure as a mother and a wife.  I prayed every day.  I pleaded with God; "Please God, please…show me what I need to do!  Please lead me to a doctor who understands that I am really sick and is willing to try to find out what is wrong with me.  Please give me a heart that is filled with joy and happiness as I look around at my beautiful family wanting to enjoy a 'normal' life with them.  Please give me some way to make extra money to help pay our mounting bills.  Please help me to use my artistic talents to do something, or to make something beautiful.  When each day is over, I want to feel like I have been the BEST mother I could be.  I want to feel like I have been the BEST wife I could be.  And, I want to have been able to do something creative with my hands — something that brings a smile to my face as well as to other faces that is proof – proof that Nancy was here today, that she lived her life today as best as she possibly could, and that she created something beautiful that proves she was here!"

As I was talking to this lady on the phone yesterday, she told me she wanted every product that I offered.  She had just joined our coaching club (, and she wanted all of my DVDs, my "Secret Vendor List", and my wreath-making easel.  She and her daughter were SO VERY excited that they had finally found something they thought they could do that would really bring joy to each day.  Her husband was willing to figure out a way they could each work standing and sitting as needed.

I say over and over in just about everything I write that my goal is to make a difference in the lives of others as I teach them a hobby that has made such a difference in my life.  I want to give to 'you' a reason to get out of bed in the morning…to wake up with such a start of anticipation that you just cannot lie in bed, no matter how bad you feel.  Your brain starts thinking.  This makes your body be energized as it is filled with thoughts of something special you can do that day!   YOU CAN DO THIS!  Even in my weakest, darkest times, I could find a few minutes, then a few hours, and then even days when I could got my mind on something fun and exciting, I then the energy followed!  YES, YES, YES… YOU Certainly Can do this too!

This morning as I sat in church, my husband and I both felt touched by God at the same time.  We then got a glimpse of the path we are supposed to be on.  That doesn't mean it will be easy — but we were never promised that life would be easy.  We were only promised that God would always be with us – beside us.  He has been beside me/us all along as we have been on this painful journey.  We now know that we have traveled this journey so that we could help, encourage, and sympathize with others who are now on this journey.

Technically, I still have Fibromyalgia, and will always have Celiac Disease.  I eat exactly what I need to eat on my Celiac diet.  I take the supplements my Dr. says will help and even cure my body.  We are SO BLESSED!  Please let me encourage you and teach you to do something in your life which will bring a smile along with a sense of accomplishment!  And, together… "We Will Sing Until The Whole World Hears…"