Family Blessings

Busy Week; Joyful Week

Even when I'm having a hard week physically as Fibromyalgia seems to attack my body more, My heart is still smiling this morning.

We woke up this morning to the three precious kiddos who have been with us since Friday. Matt's job at New Spring church took him to Charleston, SC to run the sound for a special weekend event. Sara had a chance to leave with him on Friday morning. And we were blessed to pick up Ava and Wyatt in the long school line which wrapped around the school for almost a half block

As we were greeted with big smiles as well as, "that's my Mimi & Poppy," made the wait in the school line seem like nothing at all!  It was worth every second. Lucas is in his first year at jr. high… oh my gosh did I just really say that!!??  PLEASE tell me that our first grandson has grown up that fast!!

Poppy has always been physicall able to do all the fun things with the kiddos that my fibro prevents me from doing; that does not mean I didn't have a very special weekend; as a matter of fact, it was awesome!  We recently put up a backetball goal, so you know what Steve (poppy) and the boys did!

Lucas, our very first is really smart! He's the one who joined a new church class after moving to Charleston 5 or 6 years ago saying: "If we are going to be learning the 'fruits of the spirit,' I already know those as he commenced to name each!  Lucas is a voracious reader and understands more large words that I do! 

I sometimes wonder what he will be when he grows up… maybe a marine biologist (because he can name ALL the sea life we can find photos of to trip him up!)  Or… maybe something to do with researching animals – their habitat – or wildlife, because he knows ALL their names also. I do hope I'm still here to see which career path he chooses? 🙂

Ava Grace, our only girl, is nine – soon to be ten is growing just as fast. She can be a 'tom boy' and do all the things the boys can do, but… she is also a sweet and pretty 'girly girl.' still loving dolls & stuffed animals while she is reading, for the second time, the entire series of the Harry Potter Books. 🙂 

And then there is sweet little Wyatt, the youngest, who will be eight years old in August. Wyatt was our 'hugger' for many years, but as he is growing up, I now have to tackle him to get a hug. He is really smart, tender hearted and still a little 'shy', which you'll notice sometimes when he hides his handsome face. 

Steve and I have had fun this week end.  We're also worm out… lol  

And, I you might say I'm a little sad this morning. I just watched Steve and our 3 kiddos leave for church; I couldn't go this morning – again because of my fibromyalgia; today I would have had a hard time sitting too long.

But, in spite of my fibro, I am blessed!  We are blessed.  We get to attend a birthday party this afternoon for our newest, little Brendan, who is now 2 years old today.

Life continues, blessings continues, Family & Love are PRECIOUS gifts from above! 


Fun in the Snow in the South


"Fun in the Snow" By, Nancy Alexander

Snowing in the South and Having Lots of Fun


My last posts have been long and sort of serious.  But, they have been important! 
I have felt a real burden to write about my life with Fibromyalgia, and what I am now doing to be cured.



But, today is going to be on a lighter note.  Yes, it is snow!  Snow in the South!
And Steve and I are having a BLAST!!  WooHoo~~ 



 My handsome hubby, Steve playing in the snow — and making sure we have plenty of bird seed out for the birds! They really let us know when the feeders start getting low by flying up on the back porch making loud noises!

Steve and I have been working in our office a lot yesterday and today.  We have large windows, looking out over such a pretty site.    As I am working, I have my camera sitting right here beside me; I can take a lot of the pictures without even standing up!   Just look at the pictures of these beautiful birds we look at while we work. It is easy to work (even when you're working on a business plan for 2011) when we have such a beautiful view!


Steve and I have been at home watching and enjoying the snow for several days now.  It is beautiful as this white blanket has engulfed our yard, the street and everything in our garden.  We just ventured out for the first time, and although the roads are still a little slick, we loved it.  We also slid some — but guess what??? I didn't even say a word.  Used to be…when my muscles were so bad, and we would slide in the snow, my nightmare would be that we would get stuck somewhere, and have to get out and walk!  Well, I couldn't walk too well at that time, so I was terrified.  But, not so today!  It is beautiful, peaceful and fun.

Above is a picture of our pergola.  We really enjoy this in the summer and always look for deer tracks in the snow all around it! Those are such peaceful animals, I dearly love to see them walk through our yard.  Even though we live in the city, I can be sitting at my desk working during the middle of the day, and see deer walk down the center of our driveway right in front of me.  I, personally, think they are a sign from God, of his peace, grace and love!  Those are the feelings I feel when I look at these magnificent creatures!