Facebook & “Women Making a Difference”

"Facebook" By, Nancy Alexander

Women Making a Difference


"Women Making a Difference"

When I was studying Facebook last week, reading about all of its options and opportunities, something very different and new came into focus for me.  It was one of those "Ah-Hah" moments as I looked at the faces of my friends and associates.  

I saw face after face after face of women that ARE making such a difference in the lives of others.  There are Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Singers, Songwriters, Inspirational Writers of Books and Blogs, Ladies who teach and encourage others with their multi-faceted talents and gifts.  Mothers, who care for, inspire and direct their children to grow up to make a difference, Women who have a Heart for those in Orphanages, and so, so many more!

For many years now, I have been working very hard building up my Internet presence and my business.  For me, Facebook has always been a social networking site used to keep up with friends — helping us to know what was going on with them in their daily lives as we celebrated their joys and accomplishments.  We prayed for these same friends holding them deep to our heart as they faced many of life's challenges.  Facebook then went on to become a way to promote my business with the new "Facebook Fan Page", and now my new Payvment Store where I sell my DVD, and e-Books.  But now, at least for me as well as many others, there is another and more exciting avenue on the Facebook Horizon.

God has always been my "Rock, Strength, Courage, and Inspiration".  He changed my business years ago as He has also changed my life DRAMATICALLY as He loved me and carried me in many times of trouble.  My Internet business, which was always a driving factor in what I planned and did in my life, is different now.  Yes, I guess you would say I am what they call an Internet Entrepreneur.  Oh, but that is not nearly as important as where God has been leading me for some time now.

HE has given me a "HEART" for others!  And…on a regular basis "Breaks MY Heart for What Breaks His".

So many ladies email me daily who suffer from the same insidious disease I have suffered from for over 30 years…Fibromyalgia.  They tell me they want and need what I have.  They want a reason to get out of bed in the morning with a desire and a goal in their hearts which given them strength and energy to push through the hurt that their bodies deal out on a regular basis.  They want to be able to own their own business and earn extra income to help support their families. They see that I have strived to do this in spite of dealing daily with a chronic disease…a disease which, by the way, GOD IS HEALING ME OF RIGHT NOW…TODAY!

So, my goals and my life are different now!  I am on a "Mission for God"!  I don't know exactly where it is leading, but He does!  He is walking on a path before me calling me to follow.  I cannot see where the path leads; I cannot even see too far ahead on this path.  I DON'T NEED TO!  I KNOW I am NOW going in the right direction because God is there calling me forward!

So…"Women Making a Difference" came to be!

As with the path God is leading me on, I cannot see too far ahead into the future of this "group", but I know it is right and good and meant to be!

I know that I am being led to somehow join each of "us" together as we share our goals and our dreams with encouragement and support in every endeavor in our lives.  Each one of you is already making a difference in the lives of those you know and come in contact with every single day, so You are:
"A Woman Making a Difference"!

Just imagine — With God's Leading — How Amazingly Strong Our Influences Combines Together Can Become!

I have prayed "The Prayer of Jabez" every single day since 2001!  When I first prayed this prayer and read:  "Oh that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory", I would stop and think;  this does NOT apply to me – I cannot!  How can God enlarge my territory when I can hardly ride in a car to Greenville, SC only 30 minutes away?

Well, shame on me for doubting Him!  God HAS enlarged my territory to be able to reach and talk with people from all over the world. So, we have no idea what God has in store for us as a group of "Women Who Really DO Make a Difference" in our worlds!

Just click on this link if you would like to send me an email about Women Making a Difference:  We would like for you to join us and write a little about yourself.  Tell us your dreams, your desires, and share with us your goals and accomplishments.  We want to cheer you on in this "crazy" world we live in letting you know that many who care are standing behind you!

I watch in amazement every single day how my God CAN and IS changing lives all around me…

Blessings… Nancy

If you would like to go to my Facebook page and read about all the ladies in the "Women making a Difference Group", just click on this link:!/  then click on the link in the left sidebar entitled:  "Women Making a Difference.'

I Asked God to Break my Heart for Whatever Breaks His… Well, He Did!

God is so good!  Today has been an amazing day filled with business planning with Linda Jo, Steve and me!  There are so many opportunities which amazingly fill up our time, that we know can only be from God.  Our business is growing so fast, we can hardly keep up with it — thank you Lord!

Yesterday when I posted on my blog, I was talking about the many people who are on our prayer list and how our prayer list had just grown so very much… Well, today, I want to tell you just how our prayer list has grown!

From yesterday's post:  "About two days ago, it grew unbelievably as God touched my life…but I'll tell you about that in my next post!"   Well, this is my next post, and here is what God has done that affects our personal as well as our business lives.

I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday and I think it will inspire the followers of my blog.  Truthfully, it overwhelms me…it scares me…it is a lot of responsibility, but God is in control, so I know that I can give him those feelings and let Him lead!


Several weeks ago, our Pastor, Perry Noble, from New Spring Church told the congregation to pray a very specific prayer, saying if we prayed it – to be prepared for the answer – a very powerful answer.

Ever since then, I've been praying this prayer:

"Lord, please break my heart for whatever breaks Your heart?"



He broke my heart yesterday  (I mean TRULY broke my heart!)  as I went through hundreds of emails I have received from my customers.

They have various health problems such as the Fibromyalgia that attacked me at 28 years old.

They need SUPPORT & COMFORT knowing someone cares & believes they are REALLY sick.

They need DOCTORS like the ones God has led me to. 


They need a REASON to get out of bed every day. 

They need a HOBBY which makes them feel productive!

I'm so overwhelmed…they want and need me to help them.

To help them become successful in their lives as they believe I have become in mine. 

(But this is not from me, Lord; it is from You and Your Divine Intervention!)

So many…oh, so many… have been sick from a very young age… just like me.

Thank you Lord, that I am almost cured from Fibromyalgia! 

"Now, Please Lord, PLEASE…I am not worthy,
but give me the strength to help them!"


"Peace" By, Nancy Alexander

Exactly Why is This Post Entitled Peace?

I am up bright and early with my Hubby – Steve… getting him off to work by 6:15.  Well, at least he is trying to get out the door by 6:15… I didn't help too much today – as a matter of fact I was sort of a hindrance having so much fun laughing, and talking with him this morning as he was trying to get out of bed  – already 15 minutes behind! Steve has a 45 minute commute to work, and has to start at 7 am. with a four-day workweek.   


Working at a nuclear plant has been a totally different experience for us both.  I absolutely LOVE having my hubby home on Fridays although the four long days are hard – they are soooo worth it!  We have the weekend to travel, just hang out at home enjoying life and each other, or have fun with our wonderful family, and friends. 


My mind is already filled with things I want to accomplish today.  I have so many things I want to do and need to do for my customers.  I am so very grateful that my Celiac disease, and fibromyalgia are under control now so that I can attack these dreams with a vengeance!


Now to the first task at hand: All right, JIM COCKRUM!!!  I owe you one… LOL…. You are the one who told me writing an outline for my new book (my story) would be easy!  "Do it now, while things are fresh on your mind…" you said.  "Then you can go back to it later and fill in all the details,"  were some of your suggestions and encouraging words. I have found that it is almost impossible to write an outline unless you remember at least some details and facts!!!   


This is all I can think about now, and I have many, many more things I need to do along with writing an outline for my book.  No, really I am just kidding, you have given me so much encouragement with thoughts and ideas through the years, I can NEVER repay you! Well… I'll tell you…. words, yes words are filling my head:  thoughts, details, when did that happen?, am I sure that is the way it was?   Really… really, was it like that?  Oh my gosh… I didn't remember that!  This is so funny I am laughing! 


Oh my… it really is sad as tears fall down my cheeks?  How did we, no I, make it?  Through God's help, love and guidance, I know is the only way. I am calling my sisters quite often… asking them questions until they are so frustrated, they both respond:  "I really have to go – I have a lot to do today!"  Sandra says to call Susan, and Susan says to call Sandra.  They are twins, you see, and I somehow thought the two of them together would remember facts with more details that I do —- Duh – WRONG!!!! Okay, calm down now.  This is supposed to be an outline – yes, an outline.  Do I remember what an outline is from reports, and papers in high school, college?  Yes, of course I do.  Well, maybe I do.  That was a long time ago.  Oops, I just blew it – I am not old!  I refuse to be old!  So it could not have been such a long time ago!


Yes, I know…. I am rambling here!  I suppose that is what happens when you go back to when you were a child, and try to remember events, happy times, sad times, joyous times,  family members, best friends…  the where's, the why's and the surely not's!  I think it takes all of this – maybe only as a catharsis for me to understand why God has led me on the path I have traveled to reach the promise of  P-E-A-C-E   that is "my life" right now. Would I be where I am now if I had not gone through the pain and the valleys?  No, I think not – I know not.  Would I be the person I am today without the pruning and the tearing down which God has done in my life?  No – I know not.  That is what formed me –  "Nancy".  These joyous times, happy times, sad times, and hopeless times were a big part of making "me" the person I am today.  The person who has a tender heart for others – family, especially –  a love of the beauty of nature –  a talent for decorating, floral design, gardening, and so many more fun, exciting blessings and hobbies!


You are probably saying…. now why is this post entitled Peace?  It is because I starting singing this song two days ago, and it hasn't left me yet: 


"It is Well With My Soul:" "When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul." Quoting Beth Moore:  "God's Word does not say we'll have peace like a pond.  If we were honest, we might admit to thinking of peaceful people as boring.  We might think, I'd rather forego peace and have an exciting life!  When was the last time you saw white-water rapids?  Few bodies of water are more exciting than rivers!  We can have active, exciting lives without suffering through a life of turmoil.  To have peace like a river is to have security and tranquility while meeting many bumps and unexpected turns on life's journey.  Peace is submission to a trustworthy Authority, not resignation from an activity."

One of my life goals is "Peace" – peace like a river!  So, I am off today praying for, finding, and enjoying the Peace which God has so generously bestowed upon my life.  I hope you are on the journey to fulfill the promise of peace in your life too! Have a glorious day, Nancy