Twig Tips

My wreath-making expertise was gained in bits and pieces, kinda like twigs. I’ve offered those tidbits to you in the same way: in bits and pieces. So…

My twig tip for today is….

Honeysuckle. Why are our wreath designs so unique, gorgeous and long-lasting? We spell it h-o-n-e-y-s-u-c-k-l-e! It gives our creations that wild, woodsy and natural look and it also provides perfect resting places for bird nests and other critters. Honeysuckle enhances the shape of the wreath and adds strength and durability to your wreath. In fact, when you make a character wreath, some of those sentimental pieces are made of wood or pottery and can be quite heavy. For example, if I want to add a clay pot to the wreath, I tie the honeysuckle into a ring and slide the pot into the ring – securing it with glue, and then covering it with fresh mosses. The honeysuckle vine will hold such an addition securely and generally enhances or adds to the strength of the wreath base.

Drive down any wooded country road and you can find honeysuckle vines in the undergrowth or at the base of a tree or fence. It likes to twine around these and grow up among the branches. Now is the time of year to look for it, as honeysuckle has not begun to leaf out yet. If you do happen to harvest honeysuckle when it has leaves on it, just let them dry and rub them off the stems. Just cut the vine at the point where it comes up out of the ground and then merely pull the remainder of the vine out of the tree or bush.

As soon as you have collected the honeysuckle vine, wrap it around in a circle and secure it with wire. This allows it to dry curved instead of straight, for as honeysuckle dries, it becomes brittle. Only cut as much as you may need, so that it will be fresh as you add it to your wreath. When incorporating honeysuckle into your twig wreath, use pipe cleaners or wire to tie it to the twig wreath base. In fact, I demonstrate this process in every wreath-making video. You can see these on my product page. Be creative by having it extend above and below the wreath. Make loops and curls; let your imagination be your guide.

So get busy and start creating those spring wreaths! I know you can do it!



For more ideas on how to find your unique style and incorporate freshly harvested honeysuckle vines into your wreaths, “Spring Meadow” is the book for you!

To find your style, it is imperative that you first learn the basics of wreath design. This book will teach you these basics, along with all tips, ideas and a technique that I have developed during my thirty years in the floral & home décor industry.

A beginner with no experience to a professional designer will benefit from this beautiful, easy to follow book.

I start with a “wild birch” base exclusive to Ladybug Wreaths. Then I use freshly harvested honeysuckle vines adding loops and curls to give your wreath a wild & natural look.

You learn how to incorporate large, medium, and small blossoms as well as different forms of fillers and berries. My instructions will teach you how to securely attach a pick to a stem, make sure your “critters” such as birds, ladybugs, nests, and bird houses are anchored securely.

And, of course, I’ll share how to tie a beautiful single, double, or triple ribbon bow for which Ladybug Wreaths is so well known.

I’m delighted to be able to share my tips and secrets with you through “Spring Meadow.”

First to Expose A Floral Supplier/Vendor List

"I'm the First" By, Nancy Alexander

To Expose A Floral Supplier/Vendor List

Today, I am soooo excited about my new book!  I literally have been working on this for almost two (2) years!  Yes, that's what I said.  Well, you know…life happens…we get a little behind…new thoughts take the place of old ones…and you start over again. 

Then, surprisingly, the second revision was better than the first, and the third revision was better than the second, and so on…  So thank Heavens for detours and delays!  There are many good works — and some upsetting works — that God has orchestrated in our lives.  These touches from God have caused detours, renewals of life and spirit, health and marriage, and a new appreciation for what really matters! 

These detours have been so instrumental in my life, my work, my success, and my joys.  But today, I want to talk about a detour that put me (us) on a path to much success and happiness!  My husband Steve and I have literally been working 30 to 60 hours a week for quite a while now on this new book.  And from these hours of writings have come many new inspirations, topics, and desires for other books in the future.  

Since it is not Formally named yet, for now, we'll call it:

"The FIRST Secret List of Floral Design Suppliers — EVER PUBLISHED!


I really wasn't kidding when I said this process started almost two years ago.  So many of my customers and friends who have purchased my instructional videos on wreath design have been calling, writing, and emailing me wanting to know where I purchase my supplies.  They are learning to make wreaths similar to mine but without the types of supplies I use (at reasonable prices), they just couldn't get the exact same look that they loved so much in Ladybug Wreath Designs.



Above you can see a sample of one of the wreaths from  Our wreaths are different, "wild & woodsy", inspired by nature and filled with "critters"!  Each one is on a "wild birch" base which is totally and completely unique to us.  In this new book, my customers will have the opportunity to purchase supplies such as these to make their own wonderfully beautiful wreaths!

Okay, now back to the book.  This one literally started as a one page spreadsheet almost 20 months ago.  I kept trying to work on it, to finish it so I could get it out to my customers, but was always held back.  I knew it needed more, I knew I wanted to give my customers much, much more than they could ever expect, but what?….and how?….  So, I waited.  I prayed.  God has His own timing and I am learning to be patient and wait on Him.

During these last months, God has inspired my creative spirits in such a way that I am speechless!  This book will be well over 150 pages long!  It is chock full of so much information that my customers will jump for joy!  Each of them will benefit from my twenty-five years of experience in the floral design field and will have my hand-picked list of suppliers that is exclusive only to Ladybug Wreaths.  These are wonderful companies and vendors with exceptional products and most with reasonable prices.  I searched, experimented, and placed many orders, formed friendships, and work relationships with these suppliers, so…to me…they are the BEST!

So, as I start back working today on this book, I just wanted to post on my blog as to what I have really been up to.  I want you to know that I am doing something that has been inspired by God and I am happier than I have ever been.  We have also started on books of other subjects such as:  Business: Storefront, or Internet;   How to be Cured From Fibromyalgia;   Yard Sales as a Business Resource;   How to Paint, Distress, Yard Sale Furniture;   Painting Flowers, Ivy, etc. on Old Furniture;   Decorating Your Home With Color;  Searching and Finding Your Own Style;   How to Sell on eBay;  and…  Taking Professional Pictures of Your Items for Sale!

Excitedly Awaiting Spring


"Excitedly Awaiting Spring" By, Nancy Alexander

First, I Want a NEW Spring Wreath



Excitedly Awaiting Spring?…


We certainly are, how about you? The first thing to be done at my house every year is put a new spring/summer wreath on our front door. That really cheers me when there is still snow on the ground, and it is getting dark in the late afternoon – YUCK! A new wreath brings a longing for the bright days of Spring and Summer – which cheer my heart and excite my soul!



I don't know about your hometown, but where we live, in Anderson, South Carolina, there is a special event every Thursday evening called “Downtown Sounds”. Streets are blocked off, and a different band sets up every week. All types of chairs are filling the streets as families listen to wonderful music while enjoying a wide variety of food and beverages from local downtown restaurants. And yes!!! There is dancing in the streets… I can hardly wait! Woo Hoo! So, starting in April, you can guess where my family will be every Thursday for the rest of the summer. And I just can't help but bragging just a little… my hubby's band “ThoseGuys” will be one of the Downtown bands playing wonderful Beach, Rock & Roll, and Motown music! That's



Twig Wreath

Now back to this wonderful new wreath. There is just something so refreshing about making your own wreath with all of the flowers you love such as daffodils and tulips which are already popping out of the ground at my house. I start my wreath with one of our exclusive Twig Wreath bases and along with the daffodils, I add mushrooms, mosses, and plenty of greens. Many other blossoms in different colors are tucked all around adding the bright, bold, and beautiful colors that we yearn for this time of year.ladybug



But, one very important thing we must not forget. That is “critters!” Your wreath will just be “crawling” with excitement and fun when you add birds in their nests, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies, and of course – Ladybugs!



How would you like to make your very first Spring or Summer wreath to brighten your days, and your hearts?ladybug My “how-to” videos and “how-to” e-books are just the right thing. If you would like to try making your own, just click HERE to have a look at all of the e-books and videos I have available. There are even sample sections of almost every video available so you can get an idea of what you are purchasing.