Coming Soon… “My Journey Through Fibromyalgia: Rumors, Ravages & the Rescue”

It Was The End of 2009 When I First Talked with
Laura Poole About Co-Writing My Life Story

The very first call I had with Laura Poole about co-writing my book was late in 2009 or early in 2010, I believe. In those six to seven years, I have changed my mind; talking myself out of writing this book more times than I can remember.

You see, I had written MANY books on wreath making and other subjects – seven of them, to be exact. But, when you’re writing about something so very personal, it’s HARD – it’s REALLY hard!

In writing my memoirs which cover more than six decades, dates needed to be correct. Finding a timeline was almost impossible as we went back through medical records, family photos, notes, letters and personal papers.  

As we went further and further back into painful details, I realized my mind had purposely blocked many memories – the ones that I could no longer handle – the ones that I never thought I would go back and dig up again.

There is something really scary about putting the details of your life on paper for others to read. Those were the times, I wanted to back out. Those were the times, I put the notes, the recordings, and the personal papers and photos into the back of a deep drawer thinking I would never revisit them again.

But each and every time, God spoke to me and to Steve in different ways that we were to continue. From your notes, posts and personal emails, we know that many of you are and have been going through the very same things that I did – that we did – and it was God’s prompting that led us to go forward. I had a story to tell that could help YOU as you may be facing almost the exact same things.

It’s finally time to receive the book in my hands tomorrow and read through it one last time before putting it out there for you to read. It is my prayer that you will be gentle with your thoughts and feelings. I also pray that it will help each of you who may be suffering from a chronic disease as I have for most of my life. I pray that God uses this book to lead and guide your steps saving you and your marriage from what Steve and I both endured.  

Remember… You CAN do it, I Know YOU Can!

From the Back Cover

“I love to surround myself with people who challenge me. Those rare souls who
endure and persist and eventually find a way to overcome seemingly impossible odds with
determination and focus, and ignite something unique and special inside us. You simply
can’t have too many people like that in your life. Prepare to add Nancy to your list of

Her story is likely to destroy your excuses and procrastinations and inspire you to serve,
build, and grow starting now. Nancy is living proof that business done correctly is virtuous
and empowering—but she’s as humble of a person as you’ll ever meet.” ~Jim Cockrum

(Internet business coach and best-selling author of Silent Sales Machine)

For twenty-five years, Nancy Alexander battled a mysterious illness
without a diagnosis. Despite spells of total debilitation and
hospitalizations with no answers, she managed to fight through and raise
two sons and create a successful business. Like many marriages where
chronic illness is at the forefront, Nancy’s suffered.
This is her story of fighting the medical system to receive a diagnosis and
to not only save her marriage to Steve but restore it to a place of joy. Years
of rumors from doctors and friends, the ravages on her body from disease,
and the rescue in the form of a doctor and nutritionist all culminated into a
place of wellness that Nancy now shares with her readers.
Though she didn’t always know it during her journey, God’s hand
guided and protected her and Steve. Nancy’s story will uplift and encourage
those with chronic illness that answers are worth fighting for, and God’s
strength is sufficient on even the worst days.


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