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  1. Nancy, first let me say I admire you and your work. I am a retired elementary teacher. Crafting has always been a part of my life. Midway through my teaching career I took a break and opened my own gift shop where I tried to sell my crafts. Nine eleven happened and my business in this rural area couldn’t survive. I closed the doors on the store but I still made things when I had time with my busy teaching career. I have spent the last 12 months trying to make it work. I’m struggling though. My self confidence comes and goes. The economy where I live is sad. I have tried taking my crafts out to festivals and different events.many times I’m lucky to make back the set up cost. I am busy with special orders but I’m scared that I won’t continue to get special orders. I feel this need to sell more.  Do you have any resource that could teach me how to make this thrive?  

    • Of course I do, Paula.  It’s hard to sell in your hometown.  I know it was for me.  Things really turned around for me when I began selling online.

      I have an Inner Circle where I teach ladies just like you how to perfect your skills and then start selling online.

      It’s only $19.97 per month and well worth every penny!  You can go to this page to read more about it:

      Don’t wait too long as we will close the doors of February 1st for a few months before we open them back up.

      God Bless & Merry Christmas!  Nancy


  2. Love watching your "How to videos".  You reference your secret vendor for supplies but I can't seem to locate that.  Coukd you please advise me as to locate that so I can buy some supplies. 

    Thanks you for teaching us all how to be creative.


    June Morrill


  3. Hello Nancy,

                     I live in the uk, currently running a pub elp!. Just want to let you

    know that when you talk about god and your situation,brings hope to myself,Thankyou

  4. Nancy – I do not know if you will ever see this msg., but I have decided to just make wreaths and donate them. I get more satisfaction seeing people smile and their eyes light up than I do selling. I just want to thank you for all of your advise and helpful hints.  And I will continue to follow you on FB. Thank you for all your encouraging words.


    • Carmella, what an awesome decision. Bless you! 🙂

      I am sure that the joy and happiness you spread through your awesome gifts will make such a difference in so many lives.

      I am honored that I can encourage you, and consider it a privilege.

      Blessings, Nancy

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