Daylight Savings Time… Do I Really Like it?

"Daylight Savings Time…Do I Really Like it?   By Nancy Alexander

Good Morning!  Can it really be morning again?

Surely not!  I really did just go to bed.  The alarm clock went off right in the middle of me adding a better ending to the movie we watched last night.  This time change ALWAYS confuses me.  My body stays on the old time for at least 2 months!  Now, at lunchtime, I'll be thinking… "I know my body isn't really used to eating right now… so… should I eat an hour early or an hour late?  As if it matters!  I get started working, and my hubby has to call me and tell me it is time to eat anyway!  lol

We went to bed at 12:30 last night because we were watching this really good movie…."My Best Friend's Wedding"…knowing full well, since we had already lost an hour yesterday it was going to be REALLY hard to get up this morning, but we couldn't pull ourselves away, and continued to watch it anyway.

So, the next thing I know is that the alarm clock is going off at 5:15 – at the normal time, really – but since this Daylight Savings Time is going to give us more daylight – it is really an hour early.  And, to make things worse, ti was right in the middle of my dream where I am giving the movie a better ending than it ended with last night!  Just my luck!   Nonetheless, I just sent Steve off with a breakfast, fresh coffee, and a lunch for today – leaving only 5 minutes later than he should.

Does the time change mess with your life like it does mine?  🙂  I feel like going back to bed, but I am already dressed, and ready work on videos…yippee…yawn, yawn.

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