Fun Smoothies!

Smoothies Give You Energy

A few weeks ago, I had a great conversation with my wonderful doctor. You see, I had been feeling a little sluggish and struggling to find energy to keep up with my busy schedule. My dear husband and I wake up before the sun wakes to pray together and read the Bible and then he heads off to work and I get to work in my home office! My doctor quickly identified why I was feeling so sleepy – she's so smart! She said that I need more protein in my diet and suggested that smoothies are a tasty way to do that! Protein smoothies are so easy to make and they are affordable if you make your own! I love how diverse they can be too!

Since our conversation, I'm having a blast blending all sorts of yummy ingredients in my blender! And I have more energy to keep up with my work! Here are some recipes that I enjoy and I think you will too! I always start with a scoop of a vegan protein powder by SunWarrior. This amazing raw super food is gluten free, dairy free and soy free which fits perfectly with my healthy lifestyle. I also like how it's very low in sugar! (Seriously, there's only 1 gram per scoop!) The 16 grams of protein are exactly what I need to boost my energy and keep me full till my next meal. To my protein powder, I add rice milk and fruit! A handful of frozen blueberries made this mornings smoothie just perfect! Yesterday, I used a 1/2 cup of fresh mixed fruit instead of the berries! Tomorrow, I can't wait to try some canned fruit that's sitting in my fridge right now. It's going to be perfectly chilled and just delicious! Have some fun trying different fruits that you like, whether fresh, frozen or canned. This simple smoothie is sure to fill you up and put some pep in your step!

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