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Writing My Own Story is Hard!

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I didn't think it would be this hard.  After all, I have written and published several books; seven as a matter of fact.  

But when I began writing this book things were different. Of course writing is all consuming. I have spent many hours sitting at the computer, laying out chapters and then choosing words which speak from my heart to yours.  

I've lived many experiences that we (Steve and I) believed can make a difference in the lives of others. To hold them back would be like not giving you the opportunity to find a way to overcome, no matter what you're going through right now. I want you to know, you DO have a chance of hope and a brighter future.  It would be wrong to not share this with you. God has spoken to us in so many different ways that this is His will for our lives and my story.

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During these last five years, I found myself having to walk away for months on end before I could come back to the story of me.  I have said, "no more – this is too hard – I can't talk about this – I don't want others to know."  Those were the times when Steve and I could both hear God's voice stronger than ever. This book needed to be published. 

So many hours have been spent weighing the impact of my words – choosing ones which can and will influence the way you deal with unforseen circumstances in your life.  After all, I am sharing with you 'forever memories' that are in my mind and my heart always. 

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I looked back the other day to see exactly when we began this journey. I don't know why I was surprised, I shouldn't have been!  It was 2011 when Steve and I together finally made the decision that this was what God was calling us to do. Little did I know that writing about me — my life — my marriage would take over 5 years.

You see, that's what "My Journey Through Fibromyalgia"  Rumors, Ravages & the Rescue is. It is up close and personal.  I found myself having to make decisions about what to tell and what to hold back.  Which parts of my life should be kept personal and which parts, if shared, could make a difference in your lives.  That's the reason this journey was begun… to help others … to give them hope for overcoming seemingly tragic circumstances, and to know that our God is one of "overcoming".


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