No… “You” Inspire me!

"No… 'You' Inspire me!" By Nancy Alexander

Notes & Letters from Customers…

I have been receiving emails, comments, and notes from my customers for many years.  They are becoming more and more frequent now. They mean so much to me touching my heart and my life in ways I cannot explain – inspiring me to do more, teach more, and film more to help you reach your life's goals and dreams.  Many of you say that I am an inspiration to you, but, it is just the opposite!  YOU are an inspiration to me!

I am feeling led today to quote just a few of these in my blog…these notes and emails mean so much in my own life!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having so much confidence in me!  You give me inspiration, strength and purpose to put smiles on your faces as I encourage and teach you a hobby that has done so much for me!


"I just stumbled upon your website and am inspired by your story.  I also have fibromyalgia and also have a talent for floral arranging that I haven't used in years.  I've begun to feel useless because of the aches and pains of the fibromyalgia and feeling like I can't even keep up with my housekeeping much less try to start a business.  I am asking that when you think of this email, please life me u in prayer.  I too, am looking for God's guidance in my life now and your story sounded so much like mine.  Thank you for putting your story out there.  Praying for your health also.  Blessings" (J.A.)


Dear Nancy,

"First of all, "Warmest Holiday Wishes to You and Yours, and may the "New Year be Blessed With Much Happiness!"  You have been blessed with a God given talent…the wreaths are truly a 'creative masterpiece' of the talent that you possess…one more lovely than the next.  I admire you and your creativity.  The health issues that you have been faced with truly have been a long journey, but with God's help, all things are possible and I know you are and have been an inspiration to many!  Thank you for the work that you do, and I am looking forward to receiving information on how to become a "member" so that I can be on my way to, hopefully, establishing my own business.  Blessings and Smiles!"  (CW)


Dear Nancy,  "I know you are crazy busy getting ready for the holidays, but I want to Thank You so much for the continued help and support you give through "Best of Nancy"!  I have purchased most of your videos and have learned so much through them. May God continue to bless you and your precious family in the year 2012.  Please keep my family in your prayers.   Thank you for your boldness and proudly proclaiming you are a Christian.  What a testimony you have through your business!  As of today, my few sales have been through family and friends, but I pray God will allow me to develop it in 2021.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet spirit, ALWAYS wearing a smile and always being such a positive influence. Merry Christmas and may God Richly Bless You and Yours".  (JC)


Dear Nancy and team. "I'm thrilled to know that you know the Lord as your personal Savior.  That is the most important part of this amazing adventure in expressing your gifts.  I've always enjoyed either crafting or copying beauty but your expression has given me more freedom of expression to go outside the lines.  May the Lord Bless You beyond measure in every area of life, health, finances, family emotions, and Your Spiritual walk with the Lord"!


Hi Nancy  "Just finished watching your how to wrap presents video and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  With each video you make it seems like I am having a wonderful visit with an old (not age wise), dear friend.  I too, cannot seem to get rid of my odds and ends, and bits and pieces left over from wreath making.  Now, I know what to do with them!  I loved each package you wrapped and embellished!  Did you notice that your outfit coordinated with almost every package you wrapped?  I am so glad you used your teeth to tie the bows (I do too).  When the giggling started, my Grandmother would say "you girls have your tickle box turned over…"Glad to see yours got a work out during the video.  It was just you being you – kind, friendly, heartwarming, and so helpful.  I really, really enjoyed browsing your web site and seeing your new and beautiful creations and using all the helpful tips and hints you so graciously post for all of us to take advantage of.  I wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2012.  Your friend," (DF)


"Nancy, once again you have inspired me to do what I love!  Thank You for sharing these free videos with us, they are just wonderful and a joy to watch!  I have learned so much from you and love your beautiful designs!  Blessings…."


"I have learned FINALLY, how to make a bow.  I have tried for years to make one and I finally know with your instructions how!!  Thank you, and God Bless you and your family.  and have a very Blessed Merry Christmas!"


"I was astounded to see how beautiful and abundant a wreath could be with only ribbon!  You are truly an artist.  I am so excited to keep learning more and more of your techniques.  It is so generous of you to share your knowledge!"  (A)


Nancy,  "I thoroughly enjoyed watching your new video!  The wreath is beautiful!  Every time I watch your videos, I pick up another hint, or there is just something that you do that makes me say, aha… so that's how that's done.  What a nice gift!  Thank you, Merry Christmas!" (JM)


"Nancy, You and your wreath making videos have literally brought me back to life.  It's been so long since I've had a desire to do anything creative.  Your beautiful smile and your gift of presentation are so inspiring.  God Bless you as you continue to inspire others.
Sincerely", (MA)


Dear Nancy,  "Thank you for your video gift for all of us who anticipate each and every video you make.  This is yet again, another wonderful video resulting in a beautiful wreath at the end.  I feel like I am visiting with you and it's just the two of us talking and I am learning to make a wreath out of fresh greens. Your style and grace and loads of Southern Charm make me feel right at home and confident enough to try making my own wreath.  I am always sad when the video ends but I know you will come up with something else just as wonderful.  I love exploring your web site and hope you will continue with more exciting and beautiful things in the coming year.  A very Merry Christmas Wish to you and your family". (DF)


Nancy,  "This was by far my favorite video, although all have been wonderful!  You have been such a blessing to me.  I have been making wreaths for years and selling them.  I feel like I have been to a wreath seminar… I have really learned a lot from you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for the 'Christmas Gift'!  God Bless, and Merry Christmas."  (SP)


I want to thank each and every one of you ladies for your kind words and inspirational remarks.  This always affirms to me that I AM doing exactly what God has led me to do!

I wish each of you God's Blessings, and a very Merry Christmas… Nancy

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  1. I found you completely by accident one day on YouTube searching for how to make a wreath. I am new to wreathmaking and just recently  signed up for your newsletters. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an inspiration to me, not just for your talents but because you are a christian and you are not ashamed to let everyone know it. I look forward to each and every newsletter and video, so I can soak up as much knowledge as possible from such a great teacher. God Bless you and yours!

    • Well, Thank you Patti! I am so glad you found me too! Welcome, and enjoy. My goal is for you to learn a lot about wreath making in everything I do! Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

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