Turning 60… The Best is Yet to Come…

Upset??   Should I be upset that I will soon be turning 60?

No, My best years are yet to come! 

WOW, as I think about 60 years, that is a LONG time!  I think back and try to remember things that have happened in my life.  I am realizing that trying to remember 60 years worth of living is almost impossible.  We always remember milestones in our lives:  I remember that at 3 years old, my twin sisters were born – and how very proud I was!  I remember walking down the aisle at 12 years old, giving my heart to Jesus – knowing that He truly was my Savior and Lord.  I remember renewing my life and my faith to Him again when I was 37.  I remember my wedding day…how sweet and special that was – walking down that same aisle again, but this time to join my heart and my life forever with my True Love – Stephen Danner Alexander.  We were so young, and so much in love…thinking that our lives would always be so filled with the wonderful feelings we enjoyed that day.  I remember the birth of each of my children and how my heart overflowed with JOY, fear, and overwhelming responsibility — JOY won out!


Unfortunately, times of pain, fear, and uncertainty fill a lot of my memories.  Then there are times of death — my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my parents, and Steve's dad.   Many years of pain, and fear that I would never be well again (or that no one would believe me or find out exactly what was wrong) always come to mind when remembering the past.  There are sooo many times in my life that I would NEVER like to remember or think of again; and there are so many memories that I want to hold in my heart forever!

I now know that the times in my life which were filled with pain and struggles are the times that God was working on me…pruning me…snipping here and snipping there to grow my Faith in Him like I never experienced before.  I thank God every day for each season of my life because it drew me closer to Him and to the ones I love.  He loves me, He leads me, and I only want what He has for me every single day for the rest of my life.

I do so desperately want to remember all of the everyday occurrences which filled most of my 60 years…special – loving times with Steve and our boys; Matt and Andy.  There were days filled with first boo-boo's, crawling, first steps, first words, and then as years went by…first days of school including tears – mine – not theirs.  The times I left little boys at camp for an entire week, only to pick up a much older – bigger, more grown up boy at the week's end were sooo emotional, but sooo special.  The talks and laughter with our boys, the walks, playing kickball, and numerous other games were so much fun for us all. 

And how could I forget first dates, the first time each son drove out of the driveway alone…by himself…with me praying him back home safely!  Sports were so important, as was music, board games, family gatherings, "tickle my back Mama", "scratch my hair Mom", ohhhh, so many special memories flood my brain as I am writing.  And then…their wedding days!  And just when you think the milestones can't get any sweeter, you experience the birth of your first grandchild.  Sooner than you can change a diaper, we had three more!  This is good!  Special memories, fond thoughts, and loving feelings…Oh, God, please never let me forget these!  Let them come back to my mind as each year of my life continues to come quicker and quicker.

My life has changed, it is different now.  I am a different person thanks to God's pruning.  I now enjoy and appreciate life, God's love, and family more than ever before.  Things that I have always thought were important are no longer important…they just aren't!  God, and his promise of eternal life is important!  Loving, caring, and sharing with my husband is important.  Somehow making a difference in the lives of our four grandchildren, so that they always remember "Mimi & Poppy" is important.  Seeing our boys as men — good Christian men with wonderful, God-loving wives is important.  Watching how they love, provide for, and care for their families is important.  Watching them as Dads is important.

Thank you Lord!  I cannot begin to count my blessings.  I could go on and on and on.  I am so thankful you are now leading my and my husband's lives.  I look forward to the days, months, and years we have left on this earth.

Again…NO…I am NOT upset that I will soon turn 60.  My very best years in life are yet to come.  I know who and what to appreciate now.  I know better how to love those who are important, and how to help those who are in need.

 We are only promised today, and today I will make the most of every single moment enjoying life to its fullest!!!



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