Prayers in the Dark


"Prayers in the Dark?" By, Nancy Alexander

I am Praying for Steve as he Drives off in the Dark

My life is FULL!  But, I am NOT complaining!  I am grateful!  Some days I can hardly believe it is lunch time when my sweet husband calls around 12:30 to remind me to eat!  I know… I know… that's pretty bad, isn't it?  I just get soooo busy!  🙂

I get up at 5 am every morning (Monday through Thursday) with my husband.  I take a shower, fix my hair which consists of running my fingers through it and kind of shaking it out, and put on my makeup.

In the kitchen we pack a breakfast and a lunch for Steve while preparing a hot cup of coffee for him to drink on his 45 minute commute in the dark.

Then comes the very best part of our day; we sit facing each other in our office as we open our couple's devotional book.  These devotionals were started two years ago when extremely painful circumstances in our lives led us to make major changes if "we" were going to survive as "one".  Without these changes, we would never have been given the opportunity to Live, Love, and Cherish each other in life and marriage as is God's plan.

We read a couple's devotional every single morning.  And in the last two years, have gone through several really good devotional books.  When we finish, they are put aside as we know we will go back to each one again someday.

We recently started a new book.  This one gives us such encouragement as we start our early day in the dark of night!  It is "The One Year DEVOTIONS for Couples" by David & Teresa Ferguson.  The daily scripture and encouraging words about keeping a marriage alive have turned out to be a beautiful way for us to begin each day. 

Before Steve leaves…still sitting facing each other…we hold hands and pray together praising God for our blessings as we lift up each other along with our children, grandchildren, and family.  And, we also pray for so many people we know who are facing illness and disaster in their lives right now – on a daily basis.  Our prayer list just seems to grow and grow.  About two days ago, it grew unbelievably as God touched my life…but I'll tell you about that in my next post!  This morning we were truly blessed to be able to go to God in prayer – together – as we do every single day! 

Then, Steve drives out of our driveway a little after 6 am each morning.  I stand at our office window waving goodbye as I pray for God's protection over him as he drives to work on long, and winding, dark roads.  When the two or three alarm clocks (actually sounds like six!)  go off so early in the morning, Steve encourages me to stay in bed a while longer and get a little more sleep.  Ohhhh, but I cannot!  These early morning hours of devotional and "praying in the dark", are the most special moments of my day!

Now, don't get the wrong idea here… we are not "the perfect couple" with no problems.  It does seem as though I have painted this "unreal" picture depicting the life of a happily married "perfect" couple with no problems. 

But, remember in the beginning of this post, I said there were circumstances which brought us to this point, and there were.  We just happen to be among the few truly blessed couples who have been able to weather the storm by turning to God for His help.  We are very much in love and trust in God enough to follow Him as He shows us "His" way — which we didn't always see or understand. 

We are both now 60 years old.  We have been through a lot of pain, hurts and tears to get to the point where we are now.  We had to learn the hard way that God's grace IS Sufficient and Faithful to Forgive, Redeem, and Love us no matter what!

After Steve is off to work, then my work day begins!  And…NO…I don't go back to bed!  I filmed two how-to videos last week and while they are being edited, I am working on the covers for my videos with a young man, Hrvoje Livnjak from Zagreb, Croatia. 

I am also writing my newest EBook entitled "My Yard Sale Treasures", and with the help of Linda Joseph, my dear friend and assistant, we are putting the finishing touches on my new Membership Site!  I'll talk more about this in another post also!

Gotta get busy…It's 2 pm, and I just ate lunch!  (Sorry Steve!) 

Have a blessed day as you follow your heart and God's Leading!

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