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I Asked God to Break my Heart for Whatever Breaks His… Well, He Did!

God is so good!  Today has been an amazing day filled with business planning with Linda Jo, Steve and me!  There are so many opportunities which amazingly fill up our time, that we know can only be from God.  Our business is growing so fast, we can hardly keep up with it — thank you Lord!

Yesterday when I posted on my blog, I was talking about the many people who are on our prayer list and how our prayer list had just grown so very much… Well, today, I want to tell you just how our prayer list has grown!

From yesterday's post:  "About two days ago, it grew unbelievably as God touched my life…but I'll tell you about that in my next post!"   Well, this is my next post, and here is what God has done that affects our personal as well as our business lives.

I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday and I think it will inspire the followers of my blog.  Truthfully, it overwhelms me…it scares me…it is a lot of responsibility, but God is in control, so I know that I can give him those feelings and let Him lead!


Several weeks ago, our Pastor, Perry Noble, from New Spring Church told the congregation to pray a very specific prayer, saying if we prayed it – to be prepared for the answer – a very powerful answer.

Ever since then, I've been praying this prayer:

"Lord, please break my heart for whatever breaks Your heart?"



He broke my heart yesterday  (I mean TRULY broke my heart!)  as I went through hundreds of emails I have received from my customers.

They have various health problems such as the Fibromyalgia that attacked me at 28 years old.

They need SUPPORT & COMFORT knowing someone cares & believes they are REALLY sick.

They need DOCTORS like the ones God has led me to. 


They need a REASON to get out of bed every day. 

They need a HOBBY which makes them feel productive!

I'm so overwhelmed…they want and need me to help them.

To help them become successful in their lives as they believe I have become in mine. 

(But this is not from me, Lord; it is from You and Your Divine Intervention!)

So many…oh, so many… have been sick from a very young age… just like me.

Thank you Lord, that I am almost cured from Fibromyalgia! 

"Now, Please Lord, PLEASE…I am not worthy,
but give me the strength to help them!"