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A New Morning…

"I Can Be Cured" By, Nancy Alexander

From Fibro… to Freedom

It is a new morning… the sun is just starting to rise.  This day will never "be" again!  What will you do with yours?? 

I am planning what I should do with mine… what will I write on today that will make a difference in someone's life?  What can I do that will please God?  I have prayed for a new "Spirit" for today.  I pray that God will fill me with so much Grace and Love that it literally spills over onto others I come in contact with.

I am soooo grateful for my loving husband, and a marriage "Made in Heaven"!  Steve loves me, he cherishes me, and he supports my business.  He encourages me, helps me plan, write, and develop this business which is a gift from God.  Steve is helping me finally write a book — on my life and my battles with Fibromyalgia.  So many friends and customers have been begging me to do this to help them in their journeys fighting this awful disease.  The title will be: 

"I CAN BE CURED"   –   "From Fibro To Freedom" 


Pray that God will bless and lead me on this journey in my life.  It will be painful at times… it will be joyful at times… and I'm sure these times of remembrances will bring many tears. 

I will be praying for you today – that you have a joy-filled and pain-free life! Have a marvelously Blessed day.  Think of someone today who needs you; love someone today who may be unlovable; and give thanks to God in every single thing whether it be good or bad!

With God's peace… Nancy