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Excitedly Awaiting Spring


"Excitedly Awaiting Spring" By, Nancy Alexander

First, I Want a NEW Spring Wreath



Excitedly Awaiting Spring?…


We certainly are, how about you? The first thing to be done at my house every year is put a new spring/summer wreath on our front door. That really cheers me when there is still snow on the ground, and it is getting dark in the late afternoon – YUCK! A new wreath brings a longing for the bright days of Spring and Summer – which cheer my heart and excite my soul!



I don't know about your hometown, but where we live, in Anderson, South Carolina, there is a special event every Thursday evening called “Downtown Sounds”. Streets are blocked off, and a different band sets up every week. All types of chairs are filling the streets as families listen to wonderful music while enjoying a wide variety of food and beverages from local downtown restaurants. And yes!!! There is dancing in the streets… I can hardly wait! Woo Hoo! So, starting in April, you can guess where my family will be every Thursday for the rest of the summer. And I just can't help but bragging just a little… my hubby's band “ThoseGuys” will be one of the Downtown bands playing wonderful Beach, Rock & Roll, and Motown music! That's http://www.ThoseGuys.info



Twig Wreath

Now back to this wonderful new wreath. There is just something so refreshing about making your own wreath with all of the flowers you love such as daffodils and tulips which are already popping out of the ground at my house. I start my wreath with one of our exclusive Twig Wreath bases and along with the daffodils, I add mushrooms, mosses, and plenty of greens. Many other blossoms in different colors are tucked all around adding the bright, bold, and beautiful colors that we yearn for this time of year.ladybug



But, one very important thing we must not forget. That is “critters!” Your wreath will just be “crawling” with excitement and fun when you add birds in their nests, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies, and of course – Ladybugs!



How would you like to make your very first Spring or Summer wreath to brighten your days, and your hearts?ladybug My “how-to” videos and “how-to” e-books are just the right thing. If you would like to try making your own, just click HERE to have a look at all of the e-books and videos I have available. There are even sample sections of almost every video available so you can get an idea of what you are purchasing.