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Finally…A New Website for Ladybug Wreaths!

"Finally…" By Nancy Alexander

A New Website for Ladybug Wreaths!

If any of you have been to my old website lately, you certainly know it had gotten very full, which is not always a bad thing.  The bad part is that it needed to be updated and it certainly was not easy to navigate any more.  It could no longer be updated because of how all of the information, as well as pictures had been added in through many years.

So, thanks SO MUCH to my (partner — in crime 'teeheehee'), Linda Joseph, I now have a brand spanking new website.  Linda started working with the "bones — the functionality — the back end, so to speak" and we added from there.  And we added, and added, and added.  Each and every page was re-typed, with new pictures added, so no "crazy" code would be copied over which might cause problems later!  (And, believe me — there was certainly a lot of weird code in my old site!)  And… why… no, I certainly do now know where it all came from!  (**!!??)

www.LadybugWreaths.com BRAND NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH


Linda researched and studied and purchased a professional theme which would hold all of my information, products and much more.  The great thing is that it holds all my information in such a way that it is SOOOO very easy to navigate and find anything you are looking for!

I was very blessed to have been led to a top-notch, excellent Graphic Designer, Dawn Rocco-Babon of /http://www.roccocreative.com/ as well as a professional and talented photographer, Angel Ruff of http://www.angelruffphotography.com/.  Thank you Dawn and Angel!  I Love my new logo and header as well as my new photos!  You both have made my site look so much more professional — and "me"!!!


Thank all of you so very much for supporting me and my many ventures through these last twelve years!  Each and every one of you means SO MUCH to me!  I want to train and support you as you succeed in meeting your dreams and goals.  Then I would have met my dreams and goals as well! 


God Bless Each and Every One of you!  Smiles.. Nancy