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Overcoming Fear With Confidence & Trust in God…

"Overcoming Fear…" By Nancy Alexander

With Confidence & Trust in God

Lately in "Best of Nancy", my Coaching Site, we have been discussing the subjects of "fear" and "confidence".

Fear keeps us from stepping out and trying a lot of things at times, doesn't it?  Well, I certainly have experienced this one, and I know that in my life fear has played a very big part of who I am vs. who I want to become as a child of God.  Fear has affected my confidence in me and my abilities.  Fear has controlled many situations, keeping me from experiencing the joy and freedom that we all want and need.  Self-confidence, or the lack of it, takes away from life and doesn't give anything back.   

Don't say it!!  I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking what many people tell me all the time.  "No…. you definitely don't have a lack of confidence!  You can't!  Just look at all you have accomplished!  You have several websites, a membership site, are well known on the Internet for your unique, and custom-designed wreaths" 

The point I'm trying to make here is that the assumptions we make of others are not always true.  It is very easy to put on a facade that hides the pain and loneliness which lies underneath.  I am not saying this to gain sympathy.  I don't want or need sympathy.  I am saying this to help and encourage the many women who contact me daily and weekly.  I am winning this battle – I am winning it with God's help!  I know that each of YOU can win this battle also!!

There are so many things in our lives which hold us back and paralyze us with fear.  Fear is debilitating.  It can cause isolation, a severe lack of self-confidence, and it can totally take over your life.  I know, because I fought many of these fears when – as a young woman of only 28 with two young children, I became sick.  We went from doctor to doctor with many different diagnosis's – such as "housewife syndrome"!  They were all totally ridiculous!  I had to reach out and depend on God to help me face my fears, as well as build confidence and self-esteem. 

Each of us in "Best of Nancy" has been discussing our fears and how we can overcome them.  I am certainly NO expert in this area, but, at the same time, I have had a lot of experience working to overcome my fears.  I have battled depression, panic attacks, lack of self-confidence, Fibromyalgia and Celiac Disease.

I overcame one particular fear after a friend and mentor, Jim Cockrum, and I were talking on the phone about how to grow my business.  He suggested that I start filming videos in order to teach my students more effectively.  Well, as I was answering him, "Yes, that would be a great idea…!", I was thinking to myself, "Absolutely not!  I cannot do that — no way!" 

God knew better!  I finally did start filming videos.  I have 19 of them for sale so far (in addition to many free ones).  Yes, at first it was hard, it was scary, but now, I totally and completely enjoy getting to welcome all of my students into my studio while I teach them how to make something exceptional!  The funny thing is, I can hardly stop talking while I am teaching — go figure!!  And…I am still totally amazed when I go to my YouTube Channel:  http://www.YouTube.com/LadybugWreaths and see that I have had over 739,000 views of my videos.

Now, for the main reason I started this post today…  IT IS A PRAISE – IT IS A VICTORY!!

My husband, Steve and I go to NewSpring Church in Anderson.  They have around 8,000 to 10,000 in attendance on any given Sunday in our church with multiple services.  But, if you count New Spring's other locations, which also broadcast these services all over the state of SC, their total goes up to around 18,000.  In addition to this, their services are spread all over the world by pod-casts. 

One of my own personal fears has been to stand up in front of a group.  Well, Steve had been asked to join the NewSpring choir this year.  They normally only have a choir once a year.  I went to the practice with him just planning on sitting, watching, and enjoying the wonderful music.  After getting there, I was asked to sing with them.  After several excuses, I finally gave in and walked up on the stage.  The NewSpring band, and the music are a "big production" there.  I totally enjoyed that because there were no people in the audience.  We were singing to empty seats!  I knew all along that there was NO WAY that I could get up there with the church full of several thousand people.

Steve and I missed the first performance, but were called when NewSpring decided to do an encore performance at last night's Sunday evening service.  Thanks to the discussions we have been having in "Best of Nancy", I gathered what courage I had and went!  I didn't know if I would even be able to walk out on the stage, let alone sing, but I went anyway. 

Thanks to God's hand upon me and the calming of the Holy Spirit, I DID IT!!!!!  I SANG MY HEART OUT BEFORE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE PRAISING GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR ME. I COULDN'T STOP SMILING!  I WAS NOT NERVOUS, I WAS SOOO HAPPY!  And… you'll never guess the name of the song we sang.  It was "OVERCOME"!!

“He Touched Me”

"He Touched Me" By Nancy Alexander

God Answered My Prayer This Morning…

God blessed me this morning in such a way that I have to share it with you.  I have talked before about how fibromyalgia is such an awful, insidious disease.  It precipitates all manner of problems and I believe I have probably experienced them all.

I have also shared with you that I am getting well, I am being cured.  As a matter of fact, I am so much better that I have a totally and completely different life than I had for over 30 years! 

I can travel, which means we have been able to take some wonderful vacations during these last three years.  Before that, I went for so many years without a vacation, that I can hardly remember how long.  I can do things with my family and grandchildren that I would only have dreamed of before.  I can work many hours a day at my Internet business, selling wreaths and teaching so many of you how to set up an "online presence", so you can sell your products.

How did God touch me today?  Well, for the last four days, I have felt really bad.  I felt like I had gone back in time with my body and my mind.  I was afraid.  As a matter of fact, FEAR is so very strong in the hearts and minds of those who suffer from this.  It was so disheartening to me, knowing I have experienced the joy of revival and renewal in my mind, body, and spirit – I could NOT go back there!  I did everything I knew to do to figure out why… the relapse?  I prayed this morning for God's help, His peace, His leading in what I should do, and how I should handle this.

I take a lot of supplements.  Those vitamins and minerals have made such a difference in my life.  I fill week-long containers with them in advance, because I take so many.  This morning, as I got out my supplements, along with one prescription drug, I counted.  They numbered nine, instead of ten.  I wondered what could be wrong, and then I saw!  The most important prescription that I needed to take was not there.  I checked the other compartments for each day of the week; and it was missing from every single morning dose.  

This drug is one my doctor put me on ten years ago right after having surgery.  He actually switched me to it in the hospital without my knowledge, or consent.  It is Xanax.  After I got used to it, I found that it did help the pain.  It helped all of the fibromyalgia/celiac symptoms, so I kept taking it – not knowing that it is meant to be a short-term drug, and not taken for nearly as long as I have.  No one ever told me.  No one ever cautioned me — that is until I saw the wonderful nutritionist that I am seeing now.  She has been telling me for a while that this is detrimental to my health and has to go.  It does not mix well with many of the vitamins and minerals which I need to take every day to keep my body healthy and strong.  So, that is the next thing in my doctor's plan for me — to get me off Xanax.  It has to be done slowly and carefully since I have been on it for so long. 

So, back to my story…as I noticed what was missing from my morning supplements, I was overjoyed.  The fibro/celiac was NOT returning like I had feared.  My body was NOT regressing.  I was NOT going back into the life I had led for so long.  I was going through withdrawal after leaving Xanax off for 4 days.  Please… if you are taking drugs like this, talk to your doctors.  Maybe they can help you find something healthy you can take, so you won't get caught in the trap that I did!  But, don't try to do this alone; don't EVER try to do this alone!… only with your doctor's help.

After my discovery this morning, I sat down in my kitchen to eat break fast praising God for answering my prayer.  As I did, the sun rose over the hill in front of our home.  It was brighter and more beautiful than I ever remember it being from that spot sitting at our kitchen island.  As I tried to watch it, I was blinded from how bright it was.  I saw it shining through the antique stained glass windows which I have propped in my window sill. 

I knew this was a sign – a sign from God.  I ran and grabbed my camera.  I am posting a couple of the pictures here – but no matter what setting I turned my camera to, I just could not capture the majesty of that particular sunrise this morning.

God had really answered my prayer.  And now, only a few short hours later, I can feel my body coming back to where it should be. I know without a doubt, HE WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS, TOO.