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I did it! I Threw a Surprise Birthday Party!

"I Did It…" By, Nancy Alexander

I Really Did Surprise My Husband for His Birthday!

Yes, I did it!  I am not good a keeping secrets, and I am certainly not good at the necessary, "little white lies" which surround a surprise birthday party!  On my hubby's 60th birthday, there were many things going on that kept me from throwing him the surprise birthday party I had always wanted to have for him.  But, I made up for it, and took advantage of it!  We called it a 60th Birthday Party (plus 1) LOL!!


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 And guess what?  It worked!  Wow the details just about killed me.  I pulled out everything from the past; pictures, articles, family stuff as soon as Steve would leave for work every day, and then have everything hidden somewhere at home when he arrived back at the end of the day!  I think that was the hardest part!  Oh, and deciding who to invite….there could have been many, many more!  We were having it in a restaurant where the seating was somewhat limited, and in addition to my somewhat limited funds, I had to work very hard on the list.

If you like, you can look at the pictures in the "Smilebox" above to see pictures from our party.  My husband LOVED it — it made him feel VERY special, and really let him know how many friends who knew and loved him which was the reason for this most important event!