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Decorating for Christmas

"Decorating for Christmas" By, Nancy Alexander

I'm Receiving MANY Requests for Pictures of our Home at Christmas

So many of you lately have been sending me requests for pictures of our home at Christmastime!  I thought I had some posted somewhere, and I can't find them online either!  So, I'll put a few pictures here.  I have had one special request for the wreath I made out of my Grandmother's old ornaments and lights which I hang inside my kitchen window every year.  This one is not as fancy and pretty as those we make and sell online, but it fills and warms my heart with so many fond memories with each glance.

Now, these are not of our home this year, because I have been so busy re-writing my Secret Vendor List, working on wreaths, selling on Amazon, and getting other eBooks listed in Amazon Kindle that I haven't had time to think about decorating!  I wonder why!!  :o)


I really LOVE filling up my kitchen window at Christmas!  I change it every year!  But, there are two things that always stay the same…first, I ALWAYS use my favorite antique stained glass windows which are propped up on my window ledge.  Those are there year round because the morning sunlight shining through them everyday warms my heart — it us such a great way to start my morning.  And, secondly, at Christmas, my wreath you can see in the picture below ALWAYS hangs on the inside of my window.  It is filled with old ornaments, balls, and antique lights (which actually still work) that all belonged to my dear grandmother "Mama"…  I miss her so, but when I look at this wreath at Christmas, I am reminded how much she loved Christmas!  Actually, I think she is the one I inherited my own love of color and decorating from!  "Thank you…dear Mama"



My kitchen window at Christmas is probably my most favorite place to decorate.  Sometimes I use poinsettias, and sometimes, I use live orchids.  I really like live orchids, and from time to time, can keep them alive for a couple of years!  lol




I have a lot of fun filling my table for Holiday parties.  I usually use all fresh — I know, I know — that seems unusual huh, since I work with and sell artificial!  Well, I just LOVE the fresh look of greens and berries and even more so when Christmas arrives.  I have many antique dishes, platters and vases which I pull out and use for our parties.  Some of these were pieces which have been in my family for many years, but, also, some of them are special 'yard sale finds'. 



I'll add some more pictures of "our" home at Christmas in the next few days… in the meantime, please have fun decorating your own home!  Pull out old platters and dishes which belonged to your mother, grandmother, or other family member.  Lay out an old child's storybook about Christmas.  I have the one I was given at 4 years old, and it goes out to my coffee table each and every Christmas!  Look for the Christmas stocking which hung from your mantle as a child.  It doesn't matter that they are too old to fill with treats anymore – just enjoy them – enjoy the memories they bring from the special places they hold within your heart!


Excitedly Awaiting Spring


"Excitedly Awaiting Spring" By, Nancy Alexander

First, I Want a NEW Spring Wreath



Excitedly Awaiting Spring?…


We certainly are, how about you? The first thing to be done at my house every year is put a new spring/summer wreath on our front door. That really cheers me when there is still snow on the ground, and it is getting dark in the late afternoon – YUCK! A new wreath brings a longing for the bright days of Spring and Summer – which cheer my heart and excite my soul!



I don't know about your hometown, but where we live, in Anderson, South Carolina, there is a special event every Thursday evening called “Downtown Sounds”. Streets are blocked off, and a different band sets up every week. All types of chairs are filling the streets as families listen to wonderful music while enjoying a wide variety of food and beverages from local downtown restaurants. And yes!!! There is dancing in the streets… I can hardly wait! Woo Hoo! So, starting in April, you can guess where my family will be every Thursday for the rest of the summer. And I just can't help but bragging just a little… my hubby's band “ThoseGuys” will be one of the Downtown bands playing wonderful Beach, Rock & Roll, and Motown music! That's http://www.ThoseGuys.info



Twig Wreath

Now back to this wonderful new wreath. There is just something so refreshing about making your own wreath with all of the flowers you love such as daffodils and tulips which are already popping out of the ground at my house. I start my wreath with one of our exclusive Twig Wreath bases and along with the daffodils, I add mushrooms, mosses, and plenty of greens. Many other blossoms in different colors are tucked all around adding the bright, bold, and beautiful colors that we yearn for this time of year.ladybug



But, one very important thing we must not forget. That is “critters!” Your wreath will just be “crawling” with excitement and fun when you add birds in their nests, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies, and of course – Ladybugs!



How would you like to make your very first Spring or Summer wreath to brighten your days, and your hearts?ladybug My “how-to” videos and “how-to” e-books are just the right thing. If you would like to try making your own, just click HERE to have a look at all of the e-books and videos I have available. There are even sample sections of almost every video available so you can get an idea of what you are purchasing.

Christmas Spirit

I Have the Christmas Spirit

Oh yes, I certainly do know what you’re thinking….Seems a little crazy to me also.  But to retailers – Christmas is upon us.  I have ordered and received all of my Christmas supplies.  My shop is filled to overflowing.  And…. my husband’s garage, which he lost to me a long time ago, is stacked to the rafters.  We have arms attached to every wall sticking way out into the middle of the garage, and they are filled with our wild birch wreath forms and birch baskets.

Tables run right down the center with open boxes of Christmas supplies stacked upon each other.  Every one is open with little twigs of reds, greens, glittered treasures, and ornaments.  Santa and Snowman heads, yes, and bodies are hanging out of one box, while garlands are hanging out of another.  The shelves around the walls are full.  It’s like walking into a very cold (no heat) winter wonderland. 

It is so much fun now that we are designing our Christmas creations!  We have about 6 new wreaths made and ready to list.  That is, as soon as my computer expert, John, comes over this morning and gets the virus off my computer which I somehow managed, last night, to entice to join me!  I am usually very careful, and never take a chance, but there was a free program that I wanted so very  badly, that my greed took the place of my common sense, and yes, I got in trouble!  A quick call to John at 8:30, and I was hearing a message saying…..flip the switch…..turn the whole system off, and don’t touch it until I can get there in the morning.

Boy, what a downer.  I had a teacher coming over to give me my weekly class on Photo Shop, and after that I was all ready, with pictures already loaded to list all of my newly made wreaths.  Shirley made these for me yesterday while I was typing away and working on my website, and eBay.

But, I am all ready to go this morning.  It is 8 am, and Shirley is in the shop working away, I am working on my husband’s computer gettings shipping labels printed and orders answered while awaiting the computer expert’s arrival.  I WANT and NEED my own computer back – I am totally lost without it!

OK, I know that is enought ranting and raving for this morning!  Tee Hee Hee!!! 

Oh, I almost forgot, “THE CONTEST” you have exactly 26 days left to sign up for newsletter contest.  The response has been phenonemal – over 100 new members in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  By joining my newsletter list, you have a chance to win  any of over $1,000.00 worth of prizes!  The drawing will be November 15th at noon eastern time.  Make sure you enter, and get your name added to my free newsletter.  By reading in the posting below, you can find out exactly what each prize is – and I mean, they are really GREAT prizes.

In the upcoming months, we have so many articles about Christmas and home decorating, tips on wreath and floral design, and more contests as well as give-aways on the horizon.  So, join now, and don’t miss any of these very special treats we have in store for you!  Oh, also, and now is the time to purchase your Instructional Floral Design Videos!  You have time to get them in, view them, go shoping for all your supplies, and then begin making all of your Christmas presents for this year.  Your friends and family will be so very impressed!!!!

Have a very special day filled with blooms and blossoms!  Smiles…. Nancy

Dare I, Should I, Well I Did..

Dare I, Should I?   Well… Yes, I Did..

I suppose by now that everyone who reads my blog, and shops on my website has seen all of the new videos which we’ve produced in the last year.  Well, it’s a lot…. ten in all…. I really cannot believe we have ten very good videos on floral design.  There are multiple ones on wreath making of all types, and styles, and experience levels, and two are on Centerpieces, oh and one on a table Christmas tree… and I musn’t forget Ribbons & Bows!

 These are really selling.  I’m having a hard time keeping some of all of them in stock!  The feedback I am receiving from loyal customers has been astounding.  I have ladies making wreaths and arrangements who have never attempted any florals in their lives.  And some who are selling their wreaths – yes…. that’s what I said, they are really selling their wreaths!  I am SO VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! 

If anyone reading this wants to learn this wonderful, fun-filled, and rewarding hobby, all you have to do is purchase your first video, just take the step, and get started.  They are not expensive, and I promise you, they are not hard at all!  Actually they’re very easy with the way we describe each step with detailed text and close-up shots.  I haven’t met anyone yet that I couldn’t teach to design a floral piece, so I certainly don’t want you to be the first.  I have a money back guarantee on these…. so what do you have to loose?  You can click here to read about each one that is available for sale !

What does “Dare I, Should I, Well I Did…” mean?  Well, I am going to tell you this just because I need your prayers, your encouragement and good thoughts.  I have had several people urge me, and downright push me into applying to retail stores to sell my videos.  Well, after all these urgings by a lot of friends, realatives, and customers, I got up the nerve and did it – YES, I REALLY DID IT!   I sent off five (5) proposals last Friday to different retailers – with a copy of my newest video “Merry Christmas” in each and every one.  They should be arriving today or tomorrow.  I ask that you say a little prayer for me.  But truly, I know that if this is God’s will, it will happen.  I just pray that each one who receives my proposals takes the time to at least read each and listen to my video I made to introduce myself.  You can CLICK HERE  for a copy of my introduction video if you would like to see it – it’s about 4 minutes long.

I just felt like I needed to share that with you today.  I have come to really VALUE my new internet friends.  I have special friendships with many of you, and have received SO MUCH encouragement about my business.  I thank you so much….. and well, I guess we’ll just see what happens!

Have a wonderful week, with this hint of fall in the air!  I Just Love Fall!!! 

Smiles & Blossoms…. Nancy